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09 March 2011  

hey frnds,

  One of my frnd who cleared CA in first attempt with gud academic record, (and gud articleship knowelege) has selected in campus(2010) interview for a job in Infosys. he joined and his salary is around 7.2lacks p.a, and take home is around Rs42,000p.m. (job location is in bangalore).


nw see in another case, my another frnd who has not qualified CA (ofcourse cleared 1st gr in final) but cleared ICWA in 1st attempt(2010 june)... he attended for Interview in Infosys. he has selected for the job and his salary is 7.5lacks p.a and take home is around Rs50,000p.m.(job location is in hyderabad).

even if we conider the location wise also cost of living in "Banglore" is high wen compare with hyderabad.

by looking at wat should we think????  shall we consider as ICWA is better than CA????

 dont think that i m money minded, for many people money matters allottt (a gud example is "phani"  who does not knew anything abt CA, even without knowing also,  joined in CA, by hearing Aunt's advice that if u study CA, can earn lots of money.........:) he he its me only...:)....ofcourse nw my midset has changed... but stilll......:))

ok, ok.... coming to our topic,

 I m not considering only money cos, passing ICWA is damn easy, it is like child's play..... bt  CA.......,  as u all knw well than me, hw much difficult it is (very long duration...... 3yrs articlship with so many hectic rules on transfers and so many restrictions, we dont knw, wen will ICAI come out with new rules and frequently changing rules....)  See in ICWAI, no pressure of Articleship if u wants to join in job. In many cases students are not able to concentrate on CA final due to work pressure in office and lack of sufficient time for Coaching classes and for Preperation... is n't it???????

 I saw so many students (and few are among my frnds) who sacrificed their life time for getting CA qualification., wasted so many years years years of time....... even aftr wasting years time also, we dont knw, we will get through.... pls dont take oterwise, cos  few of my frnds and seniors left CA aftr trying so many attempts............... think practically.... 

Note: The 1st guy who i referred has qualified ICWA also bt joined on the basis of CA qualification through CA campus.

now i can guess ur comments for this msg..... CA is like that and like this .... and bla.. bla.....  sorry.......