CA final "selfstudy" vs "with Classes"

Aman Agrawal (....) (101 Points)

21 July 2021  

Sorry for bad English

Let me first tell you my story from beginning of CA life.

I joined CA in 2016 starting with CPT and then I cracked ipcc first group in 2017 and scnd group in 2019 may attempt. With face to face coaching.

My name is Aman and I am from a rural area somewhere in Madhya Pradesh.  I travell everyday 70 K.M for articleship. The thing is I have to balance both i.e my small shop and article ship. So I wake up at 7 AM. Open my shop then took a bus at 9 AM till my father arrive at shop and reache at 11:30 AM. To my office

. Now my CA Final attempt is may 2022 and I didn't started studying yet. 

I had searched for the coachings but no one is providing face 2 face classes and I don't have habit of studying through mobile/laptop. .

And also coaching are too expensive I don't know why these recorded classes are too expensive.. if I calculate total expenses than they are about 40-45k for all subjects. I don't have that much money to invest in (iss baar barish bhi Ni Hui to Fasal Ni hopayi)

Thinking of going with self study but that also too risky what if I didn't complete whole syllabus what if I didn't get selected.

I have faced many problems in my life and continuously facing and I am not afraid of it. But I want to persu CA I don't understand what should I do...

Whether I go with self study or should arrange some money for pendrives.. 

Please suggest some teachers also who take less fees and value for money.