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Are you struck ?

*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )     26 October 2014

✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩  
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Are you struck ?


Uff mere dil me thodi thodi si jagah thi ,uff tune bin kiraye ye jagah li, kuch keh bhi na saki ye kaisi bebasi ..... uff ...uff  ... mere dil me heartcheeky


Exactly tension is just like that , always came unwontedly and yet so welcomed by us. Exams are near and many more things still need to be done. And boom! You can’t even realize that you got struck upon something. When you are in tension, you think of multiple things, I need to do this, i will do that and then this must be happen by the time and even a simple friction delay seems like hell.crying


You wanna do many more things as per your capacity ... but hey hey! You are struck with books in your hands 24 hours a day with almost nil or say half production of your capacity. The long term pending chapters of costing are still in the “to do list”


You have less time and so more to work but still why can’t you perform at your best.... Why the hell you are struck when you are fully aware of it.  Let’s find out how tension plays its part in your half pending aspirations.


1.Believe :-  You can achieve only if you know how to believe. You know you have less time to do. A little time to achieve the perfection. Somewhat somewhere your mind starts becoming rational and gauge your performance according to the stressed time  and its not upto the mark. This scenario seems like end of the world for you. As there is not even a single chance that you can go ahead  and do it better.


“Don’t let your believe shatter no matter what happens”.


2.MAP :-  You may fight with your believe but you still wanna move ahead and really wanna excel in doing what you are required to do. Fear of exam is taking its toll, its not a good time to evaluate and criticize yourself for your mistakes. And then with a single ray of hope, knowing your low performance level, you plan to go ahead. A minor fault in your planning is enough to crash your confidence.


“The best time to have the map is the before you enter the forest. Don’t plan each and everything but still don’t let any loopholes. Your planning should always strike a balance between the available time and your capacity in that period rather than the pressure of things to be accomplished in that time frame.”


 Sometimes you can’t concentrate on main just because you think that you should perform your task in hand. Once its accomplished , you’ll be doing your main work. And bang! Here’s the critical mistake lies, sometimes these things haunt your mind so much that you are not ready to give upon them unless its’ completely done.



For example ,you are solving a cash flow problem in an exam hall, you know you have 3 hours to accomplish your paper. And suppose cash flow was your first question which contain15 marks, You know your skill. You believe you are simply perfect at it. And once you have enough confidence of being the mast of cashflow, you start solving the question. Now the question should be end in 30-35 minutes. But you spent your 5 minutes thinking  that you might cover your whole question correctly. Alas! Things always don’t go in required way. DAMNNNNNNNNNN ...........  something went wrong with your methodology. And your whole question is wrong now.

Just tell me what you gonna do , invest other2.15 minutes for rest of the questions or just be adamant to finish your task in hand ! Obviously your focus will shift to other question in spite of the fact how master you are of cash flow.


Same thing happens with our last days or initial preparation too. In initial preparation these things don’t matter but last time rush is truly dedicated to all such mistakes. So choose wisely 


Because sometimes your strength can be your weakness or vice-versa”


Lastly I can sum up easily:-


“It’s good to be adamant but it’s not always worthy enough to be struck as success lies on the smoothness of the road not on a roadblock”



Renu T M L


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CA Abhishek Goyal (Chartered Accountant)     26 October 2014

CA Abhishek Goyal
Chartered Accountant 
 24 likes  501 points

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Very nice Article..supap..:)

vishakha (student)     26 October 2014

 36 points

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Thanks for sharing such a nice article.....


Gaurav (Associate)     26 October 2014

 1 likes  47 points

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Excellent article........very helpful...

vikas (vikas)     26 October 2014

 45 points

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good thank you


ayush (student)     26 October 2014

 24 points

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Good this article will help many students


Vijayalakshmi.K (Articleship)     26 October 2014

 21 points

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Nice ,a very helpful article


shankar.m (CA Final Nov-14)     26 October 2014

CA Final Nov-14 
 4 likes  67 points

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Simply Amazing.. Truly said......


KANAV SHARMA (CA ARTICLE)     26 October 2014

 21 points

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Vry nyc and helpful creates good confidence..


manoj (student)     26 October 2014

 409 likes  5189 points

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Nice one dear awesome also at right time

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