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I am planing to attend a training come placement assured program in SAP.i would like concentrate in the ABAP,which i believe to be the programming side in SAP.i am here in expect of valuable comments and advices from your expertise...it would be very helpful if i can get replies as soon as possible....

thanks in advance...


I am not sure what education back ground you posesses. However, the function which u prefers will matter. Suppose if you are a finace guy and posesses some higher qualification like PG in commerce/MBA/CA/CMA, and if possible a one year experience plus with very strong fundamentals in DBMS/Oracle, your future will be very bright as demand form ABAP programmers is growing and ERPs like SAP is likely to dominate the entire world in future.

Good luck


pradon me for not specifying my educational background.

I have completed Bsc IT  in 2010. I had interest in programing,but never got any kind of inspiration from the languages and programs I learned from college. So wasted almost two years til now by doing a few IT related cources. Later I came out to know programming have more exposure,comparitively. Unexpecteadly came to know about about SAP training + job assured program,at worth of 1lak. I am completely a stranger to SAP-ABAP,so trying to understand as much as possible before taking the next step forward...

As the informations I got so far,ABAP have the structure of COBOL programming,unfortunately I haven't studied that too. But from the syllabus and the interview questions,that I reffered til now,I feel its compromising...

expeting you will have more suggestions for me...


Dear Brother,

I would like to provide you some suggestions. It is learned that you have B.Sc. IT qualification; hence you can well suit for ABAP programmer; my education back ground is I m a CMA with PGDCA from JN University. During my curriculam (long back ie almost 15 years back) I learned COBOL; it is very sweet language resembles english; it is unfortunate that now a days nobody is teaching such a beautiful language.Even though you do not have exposure to it; you can very well grasp and get command in the same by practising.but keep in mind that debugging is a difficult aspect in COBOL; you need enourmous amount of patience to compile and debug a cobol program. Please practice rigorously for a minimum of 3 to 4 months. Then you approach an institute for coaching as ABAP programmer; my suggestions are based on your inputs that ABAP is similar to COBOL. Hope I clarified you; pardon for lengthy reply.


thanks for the valuable info.

Actually i got the information that COBOL and ABAP is similiar from an online forum only,i can't verify from anyone as I personally don't know anyone who is working with or any how related with SAP. This trainig program I specified above is offered by a firm that is newly opening in the CYBERPARK. They are providing 3 month training and 1 year contract also. I don't have much time to learn the basics of COBOL as they are going to start it on the 19th of this monthsad

They have agreed for a demo class on next tuesday,hop I can get my way cleared...


what will be your suggestion for me in this case???I am a bit confused...


does SAP course start with B1 package?is the experience as a B1 pro is much different from other trades????does this this experience valuable in the current situation????



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