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RBI Imposes Rs 10 Lakh Penalty on NABFINS Limited for Non-Compliance

Last updated: 22 April 2024

In a recent development, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has levied a monetary penalty of Rs 10 lakh on NABFINS Limited, a subsidiary of NABARD, citing non-compliance with specific regulations. The penalty is attributed to the company's failure to adhere to the provisions outlined in the non-banking financial company - systemically important non-deposit taking company and deposit-taking company directions of 2016, as stated by the RBI.

The regulatory action follows a statutory inspection conducted by the RBI, referencing the financial position of NABFINS Limited as of March 31, 2022. Subsequent supervisory findings highlighted instances of non-compliance with RBI directives, prompting the issuance of a notice to the company. The notice requested NABFINS Limited to provide justification as to why penalties should not be imposed for its regulatory breaches.

RBI Imposes Rs 10 Lakh Penalty on NABFINS Limited for Non-Compliance

During the inspection process, the RBI identified instances of NABFINS Limited engaging in restrictive practices, specifically pressuring customers to opt exclusively for a particular insurance provider for assets financed by the company. Consequently, the RBI deemed it necessary to impose a monetary penalty in response to these findings.

It's crucial to note that the imposition of this penalty does not pass judgment on the validity of any transactions or agreements between NABFINS Limited and its customers. Instead, it serves as a regulatory measure aimed at addressing deficiencies in compliance.

Moreover, the RBI clarified that this monetary penalty is independent of any other potential actions that may be taken against NABFINS Limited. The regulatory authority retains the right to initiate further measures as deemed necessary to ensure compliance within the financial sector.

This enforcement underscores the RBI's commitment to upholding regulatory standards and fostering transparency and integrity within the non-banking financial sector. NABFINS Limited, along with other financial entities, is reminded of the importance of strict adherence to regulatory guidelines to maintain the stability and credibility of the financial system.

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