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ICAI Introduces 2024 Edition of Excel Utility for Bank Branch Audits

Last updated: 29 February 2024

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has launched the latest version of the Excel Utility for Bank Branch Audits in 2024. This tool is meticulously crafted to facilitate comprehensive evaluations of a branch's operational, financial, and control mechanisms, ensuring adherence to relevant legislation, regulations, and industry standards. With the involvement of the Statutory Branch Auditor (SBA) and guidance from the Statutory Bank Auditor, the audit planning process is streamlined for optimal outcomes.

Purpose and Functionality

The Excel Utility is purpose-built to enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and uniformity of the audit process. It is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Excel, offering a user-friendly interface for auditors. Developed by the ICAI's Centre for Audit Quality, this utility is designed to empower members in conducting Bank Branch Audits with heightened efficiency and precision.

ICAI Introduces 2024 Edition of Excel Utility for Bank Branch Audits

Features of the 2024 Edition

 The 2024 Edition of the Excel Utility boasts enhanced functionalities tailored to meet the evolving needs of auditors. It offers comprehensive assessment modules covering various aspects of branch operations, financial transactions, and internal controls. Additionally, it provides intuitive tools for data analysis and reporting, facilitating informed decision-making by auditors.

Accessibility and Availability

Accessing the 2024 Edition of the Excel Utility is streamlined through a user-friendly process. Interested individuals can obtain the utility by filling out a Google Form available on the ICAI's official website, specifically on the Centre for Audit Quality Directorate page. This accessibility ensures widespread adoption and utilization of the utility among ICAI members.

Empowering Auditors for Success

By leveraging cutting-edge technology and best practices in audit methodology, the Excel Utility equips auditors with the tools needed to conduct thorough and effective Bank Branch Audits. It empowers auditors to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and compliance while delivering value-added services to clients and stakeholders.


The launch of the 2024 Edition of the Excel Utility reaffirms ICAI's commitment to advancing audit quality and fostering excellence within the accounting profession. As auditors embrace this innovative tool, they are poised to elevate the standards of Bank Branch Audits, thereby enhancing trust and confidence in the financial sector.

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