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Finance Ministry Approves Historic Name and Gender Change for Senior IRS Officer

Last updated: 11 July 2024


In a landmark decision, the Ministry of Finance has approved an appeal by a senior Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer to officially change her name and gender - the first instance of such a change in the history of the Indian Civil Service. The order, dated July 9, 2024, marks a significant step towards gender inclusivity and recognition within government roles.

Finance Ministry Approves Historic Name and Gender Change for Senior IRS Officer

Key Highlights

  • Groundbreaking Approval: The Ministry of Finance has approved the request of Ms. M Anusuya, IRS (C&IT: 2013), to change her name to Mr. M Anukathir Surya and her gender from female to male. This decision sets a historic precedent, reflecting progressive attitudes towards gender diversity in India.
  • Details of the Order: The order specifies that Ms. M Anusuya, with Employee Code 4623 and Date of Birth October 20, 1988, currently serving as Joint Commissioner in the Office of Chief Commissioner (AR), CESTAT, Hyderabad, will henceforth be recognized as Mr. M Anukathir Surya in all official records. The decision was taken with the approval of the competent authority.
  • Progressive Move Praised by Senior Officers: Senior IRS officers have lauded the decision as a significant milestone for gender inclusivity. They believe this move will inspire more inclusive policies and practices across various sectors in India. One officer stated, "This is a pathbreaking order, and we are all proud of the officer and our ministry."
  • Implications for Gender Inclusivity: This decision by the Ministry of Finance highlights progress in the recognition and acceptance of gender identity within the Indian Civil Services. It is expected to encourage more transgender individuals to pursue careers in government positions, promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Detailed Analysis

The approval of Mr. M Anukathir Surya's request is a groundbreaking development in the Indian Civil Services. It sets a positive example for other government departments and organizations to follow, fostering a more inclusive environment for transgender individuals. The decision underscores the Ministry of Finance's commitment to supporting diversity and recognizing the importance of gender identity.

Expert Opinions

Tax and civil service experts believe that this decision will pave the way for more inclusive and supportive policies within the Indian government. According to Dr. Kavita Rao, a prominent gender rights advocate, "This historic decision by the Ministry of Finance is a testament to the evolving attitudes towards gender diversity in India. It will undoubtedly inspire many and promote a culture of acceptance and inclusivity."


The Ministry of Finance's approval of the name and gender change for Mr. M Anukathir Surya marks a historic moment for the Indian Civil Services. This progressive move is expected to have far-reaching implications, promoting gender inclusivity and setting a positive precedent for other sectors to follow.

Official copy of the order has also been attached

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