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What is the meaning of Articleship? I did not know the meaning of Articleship when i joined the same. But, gradually i came to understand the meaning. I was slowly coming to understand what reputation or prestige an Article holds. The status of an article clerk in most of the firm’s is very low graded. A boss always treats an article like a peon of the office. He expects them to work like a peon and in return an article gets a salary less than that of a peon. They also expect us to do their personal works like depositing their LIC cheque or depositing their telephone bills. Salary which an article usually gets is so low that they can’t even buy a Levis innerwear in that. Forget about the conveyance charges & Tea, they even expect us to carry a water bottle so that their water charges don’t get increased. Low stipend rates are nothing but the exploitation of articles only and according to me, the biggest motivational factor behind the dummy Articleship is the low stipend. Articles stipends are even lesser than the per month wages of an unskilled labour. Articleship for a student is like a Gold mine. It is the period where a person can realize its strengths, weakness, passion, hobbies etc. So a person should utilize his/her articleship period and should make optimum use of the situation available to him/her to gain as much knowledge as possible. But it was nothing like that in my case, as for every article it is not possible to avail the benefits available due to certain restrictions.