What is Life..?

CA.Pravinchandra (Executive (F&A)) (2387 Points)

29 January 2011  

What is Life?

It's a journey through a way, Through which we must go- Away and away.

It's a very tough game, Performance is what-

Brings us the name.

It's today full of sorrow, Face this eye to eye-

Joy will come tomorrow.

It's a puzzling riddle, Go on solving it-

Don't stop in the middle.

It's a tearful road for miles, Still walk with faith and honor-

You'll reach the land of smiles.

It's stormy and cold tonight, But across this awaits-

A morning warm and bright.

It's a fairy tale about, A seed of baby now-

In the future to sprout.

It's a bag of dreams, Of vanilla skies-

And chocolate streams.

It's a chance to love, So spread your arms-

The world is yours, just love.

-Arindam Dey.