Unattended threads( without replies) should be wiped out

HITESH (*Learner*) (201 Points)

22 July 2012  

complaints i have for caclubindia !!!

1) whenever someone writes & symbol in the subject "amp" word gets inserted automatically !! please rectify it !!

2) I have been using caclubindia since two years now !! i have been noticing an undesirable upcoming trend ! many of techinical forums relating to queries regarding academics /other important arenas remain unanswered or ignored
, whereas forums of emotional nature or miscellaneous nature are given more importance , more replies , more visits and much attention then required !! whenevr i have posted out of the subject forums i get an overwhelming response ! on the contrary many of my technical forums have gone unattended

3) only some of the ccites are taking care of technical issues !! rest all are busy in answering or posting miscellaneous topics which are usually completely out of the PROFFESIONAL CONTEXT.

4) i dont understand that , after being provided with resource site of the institutes containing all rtp , previous papers etccc,............... why do people repost the collection of these again and again and again and again on this site !!! !!!!!