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Trade Mark Registration

Kalpana Gupta (Company Secretary)     24 April 2010

Kalpana Gupta
Company Secretary 
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Hi, can anyone help me out with the procedure for registration of Trade Mark.


Ratan Deep Saxena (Asstt Manager (Accounts & Finance))     24 April 2010

Ratan Deep Saxena
Asstt Manager (Accounts & Finance) 
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Procedure For Registration Of A Trade Mark

  1. Any person claiming to be the proprietor of the trademark is entitled to obtain registration by filing a request in the prescribed manner and by paying the requisite fee. The application is numbered as per seriatim and date. The application number and date of filing ultimately become the registration number and date of registration, if the application is able to overcome the objections as may be raised by the Registrar under Section 9 and/or Section 11 of The Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the opposition proceedings, if any, initiated by third party.

  2. The said application, after filing, is examined by the Registrar on the basis of the data it possesses concerning the earlier registered marks or pending applications. The Registrar may accept the application to proceed for publication or direct the same to proceed for publication before acceptance. If the applications are in conflict with earlier registered or pending marks in respect of same or similar goods and the applicant claims concurrent or parallel rights on the ground of honest and bonafide adoption, the Registrar may waive objections and accept the application for registration irrespective of earlier conflicting marks.

On publication of the mark in the official gazette called the Trade Marks Journal, any person can oppose the grant of registration by filing a notice of opposition within the prescribed period of time of three months, which can be extended by a maximum period of one month on a specified request made before the expiry of the statutory period of three months. I

If an application is opposed, the rights of the applicants and opponents are determined in accordance with the provisions of the Act and/or the common law rights which the parties may claim. Such determination is made by the Registrar after following the due process of law, procedure and providing an opportunity of being heard to the respective parties.

Registration of a mark can be opposed by any person on any of the grounds enumerated under Sections 9, 11 and 18 of the Act. The opposer can file, as a ground of opposition that the mark applied for registration is:

  1. Not distinctive

  2. Not capable of distinguishing

  3. Descripttive

  4. Has a direct reference to the character and quality of the goods.

  5. Is a geographical term which in its ordinary significance has come to be known for a particular kind of quality of goods.

  6. It comprises or contains scandalous or obscene matter or its use is prohibited under the Emblems and Names (Prevention and Improper Use) Act, 1950.

  7. Its identity with the earlier trade mark and/ or similarity of the goods covered by the earlier mark.

  8. The use thereof is likely to cause confusion and / or deception and is liable to be prevented under the laws of passing off or by virtue of law of copyright.

  9. A person applying for registration is not the proprietor of the mark and the application has been filed in back date.

The registration when granted is valid for a period of ten years from the date of registration (i.e. the date of application). It is imperative for a proprietor to seek renewal of registration before the expiry of the validity, failing which the mark becomes liable to be removed from the Register on account of non-renewal. The request for renewal of a trademark can be filed six months prior to the expiry of the validity of registration. The law also permits renewal and restoration of lapsed trademark provided such a request is made within the maximum period of one year after the expiry of the validity. If the registered proprietor of the trademark is not vigilant in renewing the registration either prior to the expiry or within one year after the expiry of validity, the mark shall stand removed from the register of trademark and would not qualify to be renewed. In such a scenario, the proprietor will have no other option but to file a fresh application for registration and to go through the same procedural requirements as if the said application was a fresh application for registration. Section 26 of the Act, however, protects the right of the registered proprietor for a period of one year after the date of removal against third party's claim to registration.



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Kindly note that the registration of a trademarks is a process.

     1. Application for the registration of a Trademark.

     2.   Examination of application by the department and issue of the examination report.

    3.  The examiner either accepts the application and advertises the trademarks in the trademarks journal, or

    4.  He raises objections under different Sections of the Act and a hearing is offered to show cause why the mark shall be accepted and advertised.

    5.  In case he accepts the same in the hearing, the mark will be advertised in the trademarks Journal. 

    6. The advertised mark is available for oppositions from any member of the public with in four months of the date of the advertisement.

    7. If no opposition is received or opposition is decided in favour of the applicant, a certificate of Registration is issued.

Normally as per the current practice the trademarks registry is taking around one year to register a trademarks.


Best Regards
Summit Aggarwal
Abc Registration Services
C-36, Mahendru Enclave
Street no.4,
Opposite Model town-III
New Delhi-10009,
Mobile:- 09811041240.
Visit us at: ;


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Revathi Ganesh (Practicing Advocate)     15 December 2011

Revathi Ganesh
Practicing Advocate 
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Can you pls. tell who can apply for registration. The person itself or through a registered Agent.

Priyanka Mahajan (CA Practice )     26 June 2012

Priyanka Mahajan
CA Practice  
 5 likes  404 points

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Hi Summit, Can you please tell me what documents i need to file with TM 1 to get ma co. logo registered? Can a CA apply for Trade Mark registration? 



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Ya I will be very pleased to serve you.I will be sending the list and the attachments very soon.And as regards the tm for a CA is concerned there is no law barring the same. In fact it is advisable to go for the same. Even I am having my tm regd. Regards Summit Aggarwal. 9811041240


renuka (BaaN ERP Functional Analyst student- icai final)     07 September 2012

BaaN ERP Functional Analyst student- icai final 
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Hi Summit,

I have to file logo of my company with the caption. When i view the public search in tmr site. I found some companies have the same caption. Would i like to know, whether i shall use the caption or not?

Waiting for ur kind reply.



Sowmiya Narayanan (CS)     20 July 2015

Sowmiya Narayanan
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A simple procedure to register a trademark are given below:

Step 1: Filing of Application, and issue of application number.
Step 2: Examination Report Issued, With or Without Objection.
Step 3: If no Objection raised- Trademark would be Registered.
Step 4: If Objection Raised- Show-cause hearing and submission of affidavits.
Step 5: Advertised in Trademark Journal.
Step 6: Not Opposed- Registration Certificate issued.


Dev Patel (Student CA Final )     03 December 2015

Dev Patel
Student CA Final  
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Its a very simple process. even recently govt wanna increased the Trademark Fee. here is the clarification regarding the trademark - T M L


Lokesh Sharma (Manager)     22 June 2016

Lokesh Sharma
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You can visit QuickCompany they provide Trademark registration at Rs.4999/- all Inclusive. Also you don't need to go anywhere rather they will handle all your paperwork

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