The value of ca degree - declining rapidly?

Rhea (Student CA Final ) (633 Points)

06 September 2012  
I'm a student of CA Final.About 2 years ago,when I was going to make decision of sacrificing my college life for this course,I was being told ''Do it.It's not an easy way,but once you get it,your life will definitely be fantastic''.That statement might be true for a lot of people,but I'm questioning the authencity of 'definitely' in that sentence.During my articleship,I'm coming across more and more CAs in employment,and guess what,it isn't exactly all that glamoruous.There are CAs working for barely Rs. 15,000 in some firms,and they're not very rare to find either.Although 90% of CAs do manage to land a job somehow,whether satsifactory or not,but isn't it strange that there actually exist UNEMPLOYED CAs nowadays?I mean,weren't we being told that 'unemployed CA' is nothing less than an oxymoron few years ago?Now guys,I know that no profession can literally guarantee success,but didn't we all get attracted to step into it cause of the premium it held in the market for whatever reasons?So don't you think that not even a 'bad' CA can be so worthless that he simply can't get a job after years of hardwork and getting through a so called top notch course?Where did the 'very high demand' for CA go?Did it attract too many students which eventually lead to increase in supply and hence lead to fall in value of a CA degree?Is the no. of students Institute is passing too high?Has the demand for CAs peaked few years ago and is now going down?Have MBAs and CMAs made it difficult for CAs?Or is the CA degree simply overrated and not as great as one might believe?