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Start ur practice and get outsource work

Dhiren Doshi (CA, AVP- Finance ) (260 Points)

31 May 2012  

Hi All

Industry need all rounders, competitive people. they donot look for qulaification. they need everthing like smart, diplomat, survive in dirty politics .

you go for industry, ur inome will be very limited job insecurity is always on higher side.

Industry get  experienced irrespective of qualification.


in Practice, ther is huge income.

I used to do practice. settled myself in practice. Now my wife takes care of whole practice. so i am free to check my luck in industry. I am now avp - finance in reputed orgnaisation in mere 2 years by job hopping. and almost selleted

but always loook for job. to avoid chances of redundancy   


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Dhiren Doshi (CA, AVP- Finance ) (260 Points)
Replied 31 May 2012

hI All

Join CA firm and start doing work on contract bais.

Look for good job in industry and never compromise on package. else u will be at mercy of employer.and u will leave ur job in short period. Hence demand as per ur CA degree.


practically speaking, practice gives u great job satisfcation compared to industry. industry u need to know excel, able to do dirty politics.

package is also not comparable to practice income. liable for tax.

Hence decide to do practice else go for job.

in 2-3 yrs, u will be ur own boss and people will respect u as CA and huge income... grwoing expotentailly

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Mukesh Kumar Rawal (Chartered Accountant) (88 Points)
Replied 31 May 2012

Dear Mr. Doshi

First of all, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with us.

I just want to add something more that :

As you mention the word "Dirty Poitics",if you notice , this politics also exit in practice, and we all know this very well.

I totally agree with yor view that in industry you need to be all rounders and in practice you will the boss of your in 2-3 years I qualified my CA in this year and started my own firm from the first day.

Now looking for someone who also takes care of my practice (just kidding)



Mukesh Kumar Rawal



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Dhiren Doshi (CA, AVP- Finance ) (260 Points)
Replied 31 May 2012

Hi mukesh donot take it personally

i posted my view point, it is upto you how u take.

soon u will realise difference of cut throat competition among CA's in industry.

of course, u need to be risk taker in order to grow.

Politics is everwhere. u have to accept it.

Donot worry... be happy.... my best wishes with you.

Nut always look for good suitable job as per ur career objective if u r in industry. be smart in lying for for interviews calls and be smart in trying in other organisation for 3-4 days by taking leave in current orgnisation.


.. No Ca will advice u

All the best.....


Mukesh Kumar Rawal (Chartered Accountant) (88 Points)
Replied 31 May 2012

Sir, I am not taking it personaly.

I really appreciate your effort to share with it us.

and i am totally agree with your view and i experienced the same happening with my friends.

That is the reason I opened my firm in the age of 21+



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PRITAM JAIN, CA , CS (Practising CA CS) (398 Points)
Replied 31 May 2012

Thank you Dhiren Sir for sharing your experience,

As a fresher Practising Chartered Accountant (24 year old) I have some issues to discuss.

I had done my articleship in a mid size firm and I am very proud to have been there. I have experience in Audits(Stat and Tax) restricted to Pvt. Ltd. Cos., Income Tax Files. And now started my own practice having office in a residential area(chawl).

Given the  above criteria I have following issues to discuss and looking forward for your valuable advice.

1) I am looking out for corporate clients (ofcourse not denying any sort of small work) but some how i am feelig that to have corporate clients I need some amount of Industry experience. Is it true or its a myth.


2) Initially there are not much clients (nos. 2) and I am facing the problem of capital  to invest in Laptops, Systems, staff, other off exp., Though right now I am only having an office(no staff, no systems, and no other heavy expenditure) but want to have all such in my office. I want to know how you managed to do this initially and how you managed your flow of capital.(not being personal but want to understand how to manage this)

3) There is a gestation period for establishing practicing firm, but during this period having no work and no money leads to frustration and negative attitude. What to do during this period to manage frustration and negative attitude. How you managed in your time?

4) I am having my office nearby my home in a residential area(chawl). Since this was my own place and i didnt want to take extra burden of monthly rent so i chose to start my office there and never thought of having office in a commercial area. Does location matters?? If my office would have been in a proper market then I would have had an easy access to clients and clients would have had easy access to thier CA so in this way it would have been easy to get clients. Is this correct?

5) I have experience in Audits and Taxation. But I feel that I should also explore new area such as ISO certification, Project Financing etc. But I dont have any experience in such new feild. Please through some light on this and any new area from your side is most welcome.

6) I have tried to get work from CAs on contract basis and even approached them to work on a part time basis but didnt get any response. I feel that nobody will be ready to enter into such arrangements because they would feel that i would take away thier clients by coming to continuos contact with them as i am also a practising CA may be for the reason of higher fees. Whether I am right on my thoughts. Your suggestions are most welcome.

Basically sir I want to know more about How you started initally and managed to get clients and cope up with financial problem.

Thanks in advance for your patience reading and valuable time.


Pritam R. Jain

capritamrjain @ gmail.com


Dhiren Doshi (CA, AVP- Finance ) (260 Points)
Replied 31 May 2012

No boss

I am taraki type of person.. always think of making profit from every deal.

always try and try new...if u wnat to be sucessful with positive note in life.

I displayed my resume on naukri and contacted placement firms for part time / asssignment basis work for lesser fees on commssion basis.

started practice in chawl.... bought flat ..then sold it for good price... now i have 1 bhk flat and big office.


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nup123 (ca) (26 Points)
Replied 02 November 2012

hello dhiren sir,

I have cleared my CA in NOV 11 and working in ca firm. I am Looking for home based work like from ca firms on contract basis. I have done my articleship from mid size firm and have experience on working of ca firm.

Kindly reply if any1 has some work.


CA.vikas kumar (Practice) (26 Points)
Replied 01 June 2013

hello sir, I have cleared my CA in may 11 and working with a CA firm having ( exp. of hendling Stathoury audit & bank audit). I am Looking for start own practice. I have done my articleship from mid size firm  Kindly reply how i can get the work to start my own practice.

vikaskumar87ca @ gmail.com.

R.G.Srinivasan (manager) (26 Points)
Replied 12 June 2013



Sumit Banerjee (Partner) (31 Points)
Replied 30 November 2013

Hi friends,

I am CA Sumit Banerjee, Practicing  in Mumbai, enriched with 7 years of diversified exposure into field of Statutory Audit, Internal Audit, Bank Audit, Concurrent Audit, System Audit, Financial Due Diligence, SAP Consultancy, Loan Syndication, Other Corporate compliances with Statutory authorities such as RBI, SEBI, BSE etc. for both reputed listed and Multinational Corporate. Looking forwards for some suitable Assignments / Associations


CA Sumit Banerjee


 Email: casumitbanerjee @ gmail.com


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Bhawna (Practise) (1 Points)
Replied 16 December 2015

Hi all,

I have completed CA in 2012 but step in Practise since few months back thinking of growth in practise world, but facing problem in fetching work in this low market.

By this i am getting frustrated and negativity is coming up in my mind.


I am unable to make up mu mind what to do next as i want to continue with practise only.

CA Pawan Yadav (Chartered Accountant ) (167 Points)
Replied 22 August 2016

Everyone asking for work but no work is availble in market because of monopoly of some CAs

PRITAM JAIN, CA , CS (Practising CA CS) (398 Points)
Replied 07 September 2016

you can call me for consultation 

CA Pritam Jain 9820659422

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Anukriti Gupta (2 Points)
Replied 29 May 2017

Hi, I also have started my firm but really tensed as I am not getting any clients Please suggest something

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