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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 16 June 2012


What is new in Busy 3.9 K-3

PR BUSY 3.9 ( k-3)                                  BY DEEPAK KUMAR

Statutory Changes

1. Minor corrections in UP VAT Form XXVI.

2. Minor corrections in DVAT 2A, 2B and e-Return.

Minor Changes

1. GST payment was not being tracked. Now it will be tracked like VAT payment through Payment / Journal voucher.

Bugs Removed

1. Voucher numbering in manual mode and duplicate/blank voucher numbers disallowed, it was possible to save duplicate/blank voucher number in multi user mode. Now problem rectified.

2. Brokerage enabled at voucher level, while modifying voucher, “Specify Broker’ field was always showing ‘N’ even if the broker was specified while creating voucher. Now problem rectified.

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SR Footwears (Accounts) (22 Points)
Replied 17 July 2012

I want to extend my company's FY from 1-April-2011 to 30-June-2012 and then the next FY from 1-July-2012 - 31-Mar-2013.

How can this be done.



Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 27 July 2012

Originally posted by : SR Footwears

I want to extend my company's FY from 1-April-2011 to 30-June-2012 and then the next FY from 1-July-2012 - 31-Mar-2013.

How can this be done.



contact support @ busy.in

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 27 July 2012

Busy 12 launched with 3 edition.

1. Basic

2. Standard

3. Enterprise.

Downlaod attached file for comparison.

Busy 12 comparison chart

Attached File : 58368 1025078 busy12 comparision chart.zip downloaded: 223 times

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 20 October 2012

To make your life easier


What is new in Busy 12 Rel. 1.3  (ERP ka bhi Baap!)

BUSY 12.0 (Rel 1.3)

Major Changes

  1. Provision made to configure default bill sundries for a combination of Voucher Series + Sale/Purchase Type.  Can be configured from Administration\Configuration\Tag Bill Sundries Voucher-wise

  2. Provision made to configure default values for Bill Sundries for Party/Party Group.  Can be configured from Administration\Configuration\Tag Default Bill Sundry Values Party-wise.

  3. Provision made to specify & freeze default Sale/Purchase Type with Account.

  4. Voucher replication, provision made to replicate all/selected vouchers for a given date to another date.  Useful for businesses where same invoice is being raised to each party every month (like Group Housing Societies, Cable Operators etc.).

  5. Changes in Item barcode utility:
    a)      Provision made to encode any numeric figure.  User can define his own encoding configuration and can encode any numeric figure being printed on the label.
    b)      Provision made to specify Maximum Character & Decimal places for numeric fields.
    c)      Provision made to print label for Account / Item master also.  Available as Add Ons\Print Item/Account Labels.

  6. Query on Masters provided. User can specify any text and all masters will be searched for the presence of that text in any of the fields.  Useful to search telephone no., contact person etc.  Available as Display\Query System\Query on Masters.

  7. Provision made to import Item opening Batch/Serial No./Parameters.  Available as Administration\Data Export Import/Import Opening References from Excel.

  8. Provision made to save Account / Item / Vouchers images in database (available in client server edition only).  While configuring the feature to tag images with Masters/Vouchers, we can specify whether the image is to be saved in database or not.  If enabled, user will get the choice to save image after saving of Master/Voucher or can save images in bulk using Administration\Utilities\Bulk Updation\Save Images menu.

  9. Provision made to configure page header for print reports: 
    a)      User can create multiple report header formats using Administration\Configuration\Report Printing.
    b)      One of the formats can be set as default.
    c)      While printing report we can choose the header format for the report being printed.

  10. Screen reports, provision made to Hide/Un Hide entries using F9 and [ALT]+F9 keys.

  11. Item Parameter/BCN wise stock maintenance, provision made to specify BCN manually.  Till now BCN were always being generated automatically.

  12. Invoice/Documents printing configuration, provision made to specify Hardware Configuration also for with the format.  If hardware configuration specified, the invoice/document will be printed using the specified configuration only.

  13. Changes in Bill sundry master:
    a)      Option provided to not post bill sundry amount in accounts.  Useful when other expenses are to be allocated in purchase without affecting the accounting.
    b)      Till now one side (Dr or Cr) of bill sundry amount was always being posted in party amount where as the other side was optional to post either in sale/purchase or post in separate account.  Now provision made to specify the party amount to some other head.  Example cash freight paid in purchase.
    c)      Provision made to post bill sundry amount entry over and above the voucher amount.  Example TDS deducted in purchase voucher.
    d)      Bill sundries which do not have any accounting effect or are being posted as over and above of voucher amount would be referred as ‘Non Impact Bill Sundries’ and    there printing can be configured in document printing configuration.

Statutory Changes

  1. Himachal Pradesh e-Requisition provided.

  2. Tripura Form-10 as per new format.

  3. Orissa Form 201 & e-Return as per new format.

  4. Minor changes in Trading Excise e-Return related to sales return.

  5. Rajasthan VAT 10-A e-Return as per new format.

  6. Minor changes in Punjab VAT Form 23 & 24 e-Return.

New Reports Added

  1. Item Tax Rate-wise Closing Stock (required by Delhi VAT department).  Available as Display/Print\Stock Status\Closing Stock Tax Rate-wise.

Minor Changes

  1. While viewing Pending Sales Order/Production Planning report, provision made to auto generate Purchase Order(s) from there itself using F4 key.

  2. While creating a new Master/User, provision made to copy date from existing Master/User using F12 key.

  3. Utility provided for bulk Updation of configuration of ‘Calculate Sales Price from Purchase Price’ feature in All Items/Group of Items.  Available as Administration\Utilities\Voucher Template & Bulk Updation\Update ‘Sales Price Calculation’ Configuration.

  4. Provision made for Penalty & Interest in Service Tax reports.

  5. ‘Update Master Balances’ utility was updating only Account/Item balances.  Balance for Account/Item Groups was not being updated.  To update group balances ‘Rewrite Books’ was required.  Now ‘Update Master Balances’ utility will update group balances also and no need to run ‘Rewrite Books’ to match balances.

  6. All Stock Valuation Methods except ‘Weighted Average’ were considering Sales Return vouchers also.  Now Sales Return vouchers will not be considered in any Stock Valuation Method.

  7. Accounting reports like Day Books, Ledger, Trial Balance; currency symbol (`) will be printed instead of currency string (Rs.).

  8. Converting data from Access to SQL; ‘User Activity Log’, ‘Date Check List’ and ‘Notes’ were not getting copied.  Now it will be copied.

  9. Party-Item pricing configuration. Provision made to pick default Item Price/Discount/MRP from item master.

  10. Bank Deposit Slip printing, provision made to print a single deposit slip for all the vouchers for a single bank.  Till now the deposit slip was being printed voucher-wise only.

  11. Single Receipt/Payment voucher for multiple parties; while printing Receipt/Payment Advice, same was being printed for the first party only.  Now it will be printed for all the parties individually.

  12. Accounting voucher printing format changed.  Separate format for single entry and double entry provided.  Till now only double entry format was being used.  Printing of double entry format also changed to accommodate more data in a single line.

  13. While showing entries to be approved at start up, till now all the vouchers to be approved were being shown.  Now option provided to show entries for a selected voucher type or all voucher types. 

  14. Sale/Purchase analysis reports, provision made to show VAT amount also along with Sales/Purchase amount.

  15. Order/Challan-wise statement, provision made to show adjustment details also along with the Order/Challan details. 

  16. Branch master creation, maximum 99 Material Centres could be tagged with branch.  Now limit increased to 999.

  17. Importing data from MS Excel, data from .xlsx files could not be imported.  Now it can be imported.

  18. Trading Excise Purchase Voucher input, provision made to input Manufacturer’s ‘Invoice Preparation & Goods Removal Date & Time’ also.

  19. Trading Excise, while carrying pending references to next financial year, the original supplier quantity and duty details will also be carried over and will be printed in invoices.  Till now only the balance quantity & duty details were being carried.

  20. Printing screen report directly from grid, provision made to insert ‘Sr. No.’ column in print report.

  21. After bulk deletion of vouchers it was mandatory to run ‘Rewrite Books’ to update the balances.  Now instead of ‘Rewrite Books’, ‘Update Master Balances’ can be run to update balances.

  22. Balance sheet printing along with P.Y. balances; column for P.Y. balance was being shown before the C.Y. balance.  Now P.Y. balance would be shown after the C.Y. balance.

  23. Balance Sheet vertical format on screen, provision made to show P.Y. balances also.

  24. Account/Item label printing, provision made to print for selected masters also.  Till now it was available for All Master / Group of Masters only.

  25. Sending SMS to parties after saving of voucher, SMS was taking a long time to send.  Now speed of sending SMS improved.

  26. Item batch-wise data entry would get very slow if the no. of batches for a single item were in hundreds.  Now speed improved.

  27. Item pending batches report, option provided to show Batches Issuable/Receivable/All.  Till now both Issuable and Receivable were being shown in a single report.

  28. Format of pending batch report changed. Now with each batch total ‘Qty. In’ and total ‘Qty. Out’ will also be shown along with the ‘Balance Qty.’.

  29. Importing accounting vouchers from Excel having Sub Ledgers in account field was not possible.  Now it will be possible.

  30. VAT Summary report, total Sales/Purchase will also be shown along with Local & Central Sales/Purchase.

  31. During data upgrade from older version to newer version, sometimes ‘Update Master Balance’ utility was required to be run to complete the process.  In case this utility is pending and user changed the F.Y. and carried over the balances to next year, wrong balances were getting carried over.  Now while changing F.Y., if ‘Update Master Balances’ utility is found to be pending, user will not able to carry balances to next F.Y. till ‘Update Master Balances’ is run.

  32. Payment Advice/Receipt printing configuration in standard mode, option provided to Print Bill References.

  33. Stock Status Grouped report provided for a date also.  Till now report was available at the end of month only.

  34. ST Form reminder letters, provision made to skip printing of letter’s body.  Useful to SMS form reminders.

  35. ST Form reminder letter configuration new fields provided , , , & .

  36. ST Form reminder letter, a new format by the name ‘SMS’ provided to SMS form reminders.

  37. Warning alarm for Tax/Retail Invoice on the basis of party TIN was applicable for Sales Invoice only.  Now it will be applicable to Purchase Invoice also.

  38. Provision made to input Form T-2 no. in Central Purchases in case of Delhi state.

  39. Voucher/Master approval configuration, if any unapproved entry was pending, the complete approval configuration was getting frozen and nothing could be changed.  Now in case of pending unapproved entries the configuration will freeze only for those voucher types for which pending unapproved entry exist.  We can configure other voucher types for approval.  Also for frozen voucher types, we can change the users who can approve the entries. 

  40. Warning for negative BCN during data entry was being shown without Item name.  Now Item name will also be shown along with the BCN going negative.

  41. Document designing, provision made to configure the printing of zero value numeric fields as blank instead of 0.00

  42. Item free quantity report was picking only those entries for which some free quantity were issued.  Now provision made to include other entries also without free quantity.

  43. Inventory voucher feeding, provision made to pick all items for a group using F4 key.

  44. Inventory voucher feeding, party TIN will be shown on the screen after selecting the party.  Also TIN of the company in which we are working will be shown on the screen.

  45. Inventory voucher feeding, after choosing the Voucher Series last Sales/Purchase type & Material Centre will be picked automatically.

  46. Brokerage enabled at item level; during voucher feeding Broker specified in the last item row will automatically be shown as Broker in the current item row.

  47. VAT challan no. field size was 10 characters.  Now increased to 20 characters.

  48. Annual VAT summary (Monthly/Quarterly) was being generated for complete year only.  Now provision made to generate for a period of Month/Quarter.

  49. Dash-Board configuration, new option provided a) Amount Receivable b) Amount Payable c) Ageing Receivable d) Ageing Payable.  Also provision made to show Dash-Board at start-up (can be configured in user configuration).

  50. Along with address details of party, ‘State’ will also be asked as the same is required for VAT reports.

  51. Item-wise Pending order report, provision made to show pending quantity parameter-wise.


mukta (Analyst) (100 Points)
Replied 16 December 2013


I am curious to know how ti import data from tally to busy.



Kaushik (Professional) (549 Points)
Replied 23 February 2014

Originally posted by : mukta

I am curious to know how ti import data from tally to busy.



Theire is a utility Tally2Busy google secah or contact Busy Channel Partners

exshail @ gmail.com for paid service.



Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 28 February 2014

Why you should not ignore Busy Accounting Software, see attached file.



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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 01 March 2014

busy screenshoot

Simple and User freindly UI just to show Transection and Display menu side by side.

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 16 March 2014

Download Free Accounting Software Latest Edition of Busy Infotech for Single User.

See features from below link.


Contact for free help on installation.

Kaushik (Professional) (549 Points)
Replied 09 February 2018

Download latest free version of GST Ready Busy 17 from below link.


BUSY Express Edition 17

BUSY Express Edition is an Accounting Software with Inventory & GST Billing, covering the following:

  • Multi-company Accounting

  • Multi-location Inventory

  • GST / VAT Billing

  • GST / VAT Computation

  • Documents Printing

There is no restriction on time period or the no. of vouchers. Just download and start using. No strings attached.

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 20 April 2018

Download pdf help filefor importing Tally Data to Busy Acounting Software.


Exshail Software
Template Designer for  GST Tax Invoice\Excise Invoice\Service Tax Invoice \ Purchase\Sales Order\Challans, Attendance\Salary Slip\Register, TDS\VAT\Income Tax Computation, Income Tax\Sales Tax\Excise\Service Tax Forms, etc.

Excel Consultant and Busy Consultant

Excel Solution for everyone for everything simplifying.

Be a fan on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/exshailclassicmenu


Attached File : 58368 20180420224101 tally2busy.pdf downloaded: 218 times

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