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Athulya (Student) (50 Points)
Replied 25 January 2011

Thankyou Exshail for your help.

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 04 August 2011

Here is a short list of new features intorduced in Busy 3.9,3.6 & 3.5

Need more user's feedback to imporove it to feedback @ busy.in

or post on wall of Busy at Facebook page.


List of New features in Busy 3.9

Concept of Multi-Branch introduced.

Provision for Automatic Data Merging from branches to head office has been made.

Item barcode printing utility enhanced with provision to insert Image / Color / Fonts.

Option to maintain User Activity Log by which all the activities of user in database can be checked.

Provision made to Specify Broker at Item Level.

Provision made to specify Material Centre at Item Level.

Provision made to show Items last few transactions during data entry. This will help user to see last Sales / Purchase price for an item or party during transaction.

Provision made to Print report as it is as being shown on screen. User can also configure to print vertical / horizontal lines along with extra column for remarks.

Provision made to Enable notes with vouchers also.

Provision made to store e-mail / SMS in offline mode which can be resend later on.

Provision made to specify the Sales / Purchase accounts with Material Centers.

Tax Category master introduced.

Master Series Group introduced.

Designing of Customized reports simplified.

Provision for Barcode Numbers has been implemented in Parameterized item details.

User Rights Management has been enhanced. Now Super user can define Hierarchy and copy right from any other user also.

Integration of Notes Manager and Message Centre.

Provision made to specify Excise Registration details for Material Centre for printing in documents.

Provision made to print all entries column-wise in Invoice designing, if any Batch / S.No. / Parameter field has been used.

Provision made to activate Main menu from any data entry screen / report.



List of New features in Busy 3.6


Introduction of "Enterprise Edition".

Provision of Voucher / Master Approval implemented (in Enterprise Edition only).

Provision of Message Centre implemented (in Enterprise Edition only).

Provision made for Item-wise Serial No. Tracking.

Provision to make Sale / Purchase against Challan.

Notes Manager implemented.

Provision made for Fully User-definable Colour Schemes.

Option given to create Favourite Menu.

Option given to define own shortcuts.

Provision made to Lock BUSY using Alt/Ctrl+K.

Thought of the Day provided at the time of company login.

Provision made to specify Multiple aliases for a single item

Option provided for Cancellation of Vouchers.

Provision made to specify Images / Notes with Account and Item Master.

Provision made to enter Sale/Purchase Return quantity in Sales / Purchase Vouchers.

Provision made to print Outer box, Horizontal line and Vertical line in the Standard / Advanced documents.

Provision to specify Formula in document designing.

Standard document configuration improved with more options like printing of Box / Vertical Lines / Logo / Configurable Body etc.

SQL Query Executor provided to execute SQL Queries.

Provision of exporting reports to PDF Format.

Provision made for Print Preview.

Provision made to restrict reporting for a user to an Account / Account Group level.

New screen report interface with option of scrolling, re-sizing of columns, sorting, searching, filtering in reports.

The Account / Item drop-down list in vouchers made configurable.

Stock Ageing (on FIFO basis) in Inventory Summary implemented.

Provision made to add User Count in dongle in Client-Server model.

Batch Ageing in Batch-wise Reports implemented.

Provision to send SMS through Internet.

Stock Maintenance of Items on various parameters like size, colour etc.

Provision to automatically generate Print Name using Master Name, Alias, Group etc.

Provision made for Sale-in-Transit.




List of New features in Busy 3.5

POS implemented.

Voucher Replication and Set Voucher as Template utilities provided to replicate vouchers Date-wise or Account-wise and to set a voucher as template respectively.

All print reports converted to Tahoma font resulting better looks and readability.

Printing of all the standard documents, inventory vouchers and accounting vouchers improved with Tahoma Font in windows mode.

Provision made to upgrade BUSY model/version at user’s site with the help of BUSY upgrade files.

In Company menu, BUSY Connect utility provided to access clients desktop.

Provision made to Backup and Restore data through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites.

Option to create User Security file in Client Server mode.

DOS2Win utility integrated in BusyWin.

Tool tip help provided for all the data entry fields.

Query on transactions, provision made to query on Bill Sundry details also.

Utilities menu reshuffled. Utilities have been categorized under various heads/groups.

Item Bar-code Printing Add-On will be installed automatically while installing BusyWin. No need to install it separately.

More flexibility in generating Service Invoice.

Provision made to print User Name, Date and Time of printing in print reports.

Provision of Vouchers Import from MS-Excel.

Provision to send e-mail through Outlook Express as E-mail Body Text. Till now, the e-mail through Outlook Express could be sent as an HTML attachment only.

No need to buy BUSY license if a user keeps his data on BUSY Data Server.

Provision made to update / change Item prices on the basis of various combinations / criteria. Available as Utilities Bulk Updation & Voucher Templates Update Item Prices / Discount.

Provision made in Brokerage Module to use name as Broker / Salesman or Brokerage / Commission. Also brokerage calculation like percentage, absolute amount, per main qty. or per alt. Qty can be calculated.

Query system has been improved significantly. Global Query is introduced.

Provision made for Bill Sundry Narration. Can be enabled through Features/Options –> Inventory.

Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance Grouped provided as on date. Till now these reports were available at end of any month only.

In Accounting reports and Inventory reports, provision made to view/print either Account Name or Alias or Print Name.

In Multi Currency module, now we can maintain one account in multiple currencies simultaneously. Also In Utilities menu, option provided to ‘Auto Generate Forex Gains/Loss vouchers’.

Back To Top

Option for multiple formats for Columnar Sales / Purchase Analysis Report.

Provision of Free Quantity in Inventory Vouchers.

Provision of Post-dated Cheques (PDC) in Payment & Receipt Vouchers.

Account Ledger provided in ‘T’ format also.

In Multi-company results, new reports Bills Receivable / Payable and Ageing Receivable / Payable added.

Provision to consider the effect of pending Sales / Purchase Orders in Stock Status and Item Critical Level reports.

Provision made to specify Item Free Qty. in vouchers.

Provision to track MRP-wise Stock Status.

Provision to track Item details Batch-wise, MRP-wise or by both ways.

Provision made to show / print value of items in Pending Order reports.


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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 04 December 2011

Follow BUSY on facebook from below link


What's New in Busy 3.9(g)

Statutory Changes:

1. Minor changes in VAT summary report related to VAT surcharge.

2. Minor changes in Haryana VAT-R2.

3. Minor changes in Rajasthan VAT-10 & e-Return.

4. Minor corrections in UP Form-1 & Form-24.

5. UP CST e-Return provided along with Annexures A & B.

6. Minor corrections in Excise ER-1.

7. Minor corrections in Delhi VAT e-Return.

8. Manufacturing Excise e-Return provided.

Minor Changes:

1. Minor refinements in item-wise discount input in compound mode.

2. Speed of Bank Reconciliation report improved.

3. Speed of Bills Receivable/Payable summary report improved.

4. Parameterised stock details configuration, it was possible to
enable/disable BCN at any given point of time. Now, if any transaction
exists for parameterised details then BCN can not be
enabled / disabled.

5. Till now decimal places for item discount input were set to 2. Now it
has been made configurable, available through
Configuration>Feature & Options

a. Blank/duplicate voucher no. will not be accepted in any synchronisation
enabled voucher series.

b. If data synchronisation is enabled on some series then the voucher
numbering can not be disabled for the same in numbering

c. The identity of a voucher (Series & No.) can not be changed at the HO
if the same was created in BO and vice versa.

11. Items import from Excel sheet, field was not
available. Now made available.

12. Trading excise sales data entry, pending purchase references for dates
later then the sales date were also being shown. Now it will not be

13. Separate Billing Details input, provision made to input CST No. of party
in case of central transaction.





Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 15 January 2012

Busy undocumented Tips.

Many times we need to export some reports e.g. sales register to Excel for further process.

If the records\transaction are so many then Busy takes time to export this records to Excel.

If you are in hurry & need reports with only Column heading within a few seconds, just select your all\desired rows in reports (no need to select in continuation), press Ctrl-c to Copy, switch over to Excel & press ctr-V to Paste in empty worksheet.

If you liked it share with other Busy users.

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 15 January 2012

What is new in Busy 3.9 ( g-4 )

Statutory Changes:

1. Minor corrections in Delhi VAT e-Return.

2. Minor corrections in Rajasthan VAT 10-A.

3. Himachal Pradesh VAT e-Return introduced.

4. Minor corrections in Punjab VAT Form 15, 23 & 24.

Minor Changes:

1. Importing vouchers from MS Excel, option to import BCN was not there. Now made available.

2. Fields related to item master descripttion added in Orders printing configuration.

3. Bill-By-Bill configuration, two new option provided ‘Enforce Full Amount Allocation to References’ and ‘Show pending references till voucher date only’.

4. Cost centres enabled in inventory vouchers, in case of pure inventory vouchers (Material Issue/Receipt, Stock Transfer, stock Journal etc.) the total value of voucher was not being shown as the default value in cost centre window. Now default value would be shown on the basis of voucher amount.

5. Minor refinements in HO/BO data sync:

a. Voucher numbering configuration of a sync enabled voucher series can be changed only at source (from where the vouchers are being added).
b. Voucher numbering can not be disabled in a sync enabled voucher series.
c. If voucher numbering configuration is different at HO & BO, then during data sync a message will pop up and ask the user to match the configuration.
d. Data sync explorer provided at HO level to show the details of data currently residing in HO funnel for saving. Available as AdministrationUtilitiesData Export/ImportData Sync Explorer.

6. List of masters, while exporting data, option to export in pdf format was there but the data was not getting exported to pdf format. Now option to export to pdf has been removed and user can export to other formats available.

7. Hardware configuration, length of ‘Printer Name’ field increased as the same is required while working through remote desktops.

8. List of services, a new service ‘Hotel & Restaurant Services’ added.

9. Invoice printing configuration, few fields related to compound discount added in Invoice Body.

Bugs Removed:

1. FTP restore was not working properly. Now problem rectified.

2. Columnar registers configuration, on ‘Page Settings’ form some irrelevant character lines were being shown. Now problem rectified.

3. Masters import without changing the opening balance in modify mode, data fields ‘Enable Sr.No.-Wise Stock’ & ‘Enable Parameter-Wise Stock’ were also not getting imported. Now problem rectified.

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 22 January 2012

Before switching to any other ERP type software for coming F.Y. 2012-2013, just wait for BUSY-2012.

Upcoming features : By DEEPAK KUMAR

Here are some of the MAJOR FEATURES comprising BUSY ( under development )

• Provision in Sending email through GMAIL/ YAHOO/ HOTMAIL and also through Microsoft Outlook
• Grouping in Printing & Sorting on the basis of Additional Field; Opt 1; Opt 2
• Provision of Service Tax & Mfg. Excise in POS
• Mapping of References
• HO-BO Configuration through one screen ( Creation of User/ Voucher Series Group / Material Center / Accounts / Account Group / Sale Type / Purchase Type)
• Configurable Decimal Places ( Currency Conversion Factor / Unit Conversion Factor / Item wise Discount )
• Stock Transfer Voucher also provided in POS format
• Intelligence at the time of Browsing any master list ( INTELISENSE )
• Some changes in Bill By Bill
• Picking of multiple BOM Items through <F4> in Dual Vouchers even if items are available in Voucher.
• Parameters in Orders
• Provision to input Quotation
• Provision to add user configurable Columns in any Reports ( Basis : Formula or Data Field )
• Revamping Batch wise Data Entry. Same batch will be allowed in same Invoice.

• Voucher Replication for expenses with Random Amount between a given Date Range
• Material Centre wise stock at the time of Data Entry
• Auto Back Up Utility ( For SQL only )
• SMS & Email Query ( One can extract a set of information through SMS / Email from their respective company )
• Provision made to set Voucher Series Numbering through One Screen
• Item other Info ( Parameter / Serial No / Batches / MC wise Stock ) to be imported from Excel REPORTS
• Printing of Grid will get saved
• In Invoice Designing, provision required to input Maximum number of Items
• In Document Printing, Provision of Round Off through #RU #RL #RA
• Provision for Zero Rated, in case country is not INDIA
• Relevant Fields added in Document Designing.
For suggestion to improve it, email to feedback @ busy.in

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 22 March 2012

What is new in Busy 3.9 I


Major Changes
  1. Changes in HO/BO:
    a) While sending data from HO to BO; Unnumbered Vouchers, Vouchers with invalid Material Centre and Un-approved vouchers are not sent from HO to BO. This often creates discrepancy between HO & BO data. Now buttons provided to view these vouchers and do the corrections if required. Also no data will be sent till these vouchers are corrected.
    b) Details of cancelled orders will also be carried.
    c) Bank reconciliation entries will also be carried.
    d) Provision made to Reconcile HO & BO vouchers for a particular voucher series and point out the differences. Available in BO as Administration->Data Export/Import->Reconcile HO/BO Data.
  2. Masters search from drop down list improved. Now program will intelligently search for the keys punched by user and will try to find all combinations where the specified keys are found any where in a master name.
  3. Changes in parameterised stock details input:
    a) Parameter-wise data entry, provision made to copy & paste data from windows clipboard. Useful in copying parameterised details from MS Excel.
    b) Enabled in Sales/Purchase order also.
    c) Option to configure item parameter-wise prices. Available as Administration->Configuration->Item Parameter-wise Pricing.
Statutory Changes
  1. Minor corrections in UP VAT Annexures, Form-1 and e-Return.
  2. Uttrakhand Form-III e-Return as per new format.
  3. Minor corrections in UP VAT Challan printing.
  4. Minor corrections in Haryana VAT C-4.
  5. Minor corrections in Delhi VAT 2A & 2B.
Minor Changes
  1. Inventory voucher data entry with Material Centre at item level, the list of MC will show the item closing stock at that MC also.
  2. Purchase invoice data entry, a new field ‘Purpose’ added in purchase details window for the purpose of VAT reporting. This field will be shown only when the state is ‘Uttar Pradesh’.
  3. Query on item price option; now along with item prices the item stock at different material centres along with the respective prices will also be shown.
  4. Restriction on Expired batches was applicable for all voucher types. Now it will not be applicable for Sale/Purchase returns.
  5. Sales invoice with batch-wise details enabled, picking multiple batches for a single item, the sales price from the first batch was being taken as the sales price for item. Now the average price for all the batches will be takes as sales price for the item.
  6. Provision made to configure voucher numbering of multiple series in a single screen. Available as ‘Bulk Voucher Numbering’ in voucher configuration screen.
  7. Creating Branch, option provided to create corresponding User, Voucher Series Group & Material Centre along with the branch. Helpful in configuration of HO/BO data sync.
  8. Challan/Order data entries, one-2-one mapping of item entries in grid and challan/order references enforced (Same item having multiple entries in challan/order should have the same no. of references). Required to pick relevant item sub details from challan/order in invoice.
  9. Voucher modification from main menu, the screen where voucher no. was being specified voucher type was not being shown. Now it will be shown.
  10. Payment/Receipt voucher printing configuration, a new field <TYPE> provided to print the type of cheque (PDC/Regular).
Bugs Removed
  1. Payment/Receipt voucher printing configuration, field <PAYMENT_MODE> was printing wrong value. Now problem rectified.
  2. Sales vouchers with settlement enabled and settlement done with bank account then the bank reconciliation statement was showing wrong values. Now problem rectified.
  3. Warning for Budget variance was not there in POS data entry. Now problem rectified.
  4. Voucher/Master Notes fed line-wise were getting concatenated automatically. This problem started with 3.9(h-4) only. Now problem rectified.
  5. Modifying any user having ‘ in user name, an error was being raised. Now problem rectified.
  6. Trading excise sales invoice if modified and party name changed and saved without going to item details, the new party name in excise report was not getting updated. Now problem rectified.
POS Billing
Item Barcode Printing
Client-Server Edition (MS-SQL based)
Remote Access Edition
(View as well as edit)
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Ahtesham (Owner) (21 Points)
Replied 23 March 2012

Hello everyone i just downloaded busywin software but i cant enter party name manually it is showing a list where "busywin inc pvt ltd" an "cash" two options are open so kindly help me to enter party names manually to enter sales an purchase transaction....

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 23 March 2012

Originally posted by : Ahtesham

Hello everyone i just downloaded busywin software but i cant enter party name manually it is showing a list where "busywin inc pvt ltd" an "cash" two options are open so kindly help me to enter party names manually to enter sales an purchase transaction....

If you are on Party name field you can directly add Party name to Account master by pressing F3 that will open dialog to add account master.

Or you can goto addministration>Master>Account>Add


Also you can press F1 for quick help anytime.

Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 30 March 2012

What is new in Busy 3.9 J

Product release BUSY 3.9 ( j ) BY DEEPAK KUMAR

Statutory Changes

1. Minor changes in Delhi VAT 2A & 2B and the corresponding e-Return.
2. Minor corrections in Goa Form-III.
3. UP VAT e-Return as per new format.
Minor Changes
1. List of countries, Dubai renamed to U.A.E.
2. Spelling of U.A.E. currency changed from Dirham to Dirhams.
3. Item parameter-wise pricing input, provision made to show/export existing pricelist.
4. Option provided to allocate extra expenses in purchase/production vouchers. Useful to adjust the stock value on the basis of extra expenses incurred in that transaction (like freight or labour charges) but which are not part of purchase/production voucher. Can be enabled as AdministrationFeature/OptionsInventoryAllocate Additional Expenses Voucher-wise. This extra amount allocated to a voucher will affect the nett price of items but won’t affect the accounting part.
5. Modifying voucher from main menu, while specifying the voucher series and voucher no., the widtth of list of voucher series was quite small making it difficult to read the full series name. Now widtth of list increased.
6. Item parameterised stock management with option to generate BCN enabled, provision made to specify the format of BCN as Alphanumeric or Numeric. Till alphanumeric BCN were being generated.
7. Changes in Item barcode printing:
a. Option to print from Stock Transfer vouchers also.
b. While printing barcodes from vouchers, by default the quantity of item in voucher was being shown for printing. Now provision made to set quantity for all items to a specific value.
c. While printing barcodes from vouchers having sub details (batch/parameter/serial nos.), incorrect no. of barcodes were being printed. Now problem rectified.
d. Data fields provided to print material centre name/alias.
8. Voucher data entry, provision made to shown pending bills/batches/serial nos./parameters/trading excise references by pressing ALT+P at item quantity or account amount field (whichever is applicable).
9. Document designing, new fields provided to print summary of item parameterised details clubbed on the basis of price. Name of the fields are <PARAM_PRICEWISE_QTY (MAIN)>, <PARAM_PRICEWISE_QTY (ALT)> and so on.
10. Document designing, new fields <BANK_NAME>, <BANK_ALIAS> & <BANK_PRINT_NAME> provided for Receipt/Payment vouchers.
11. Till now same item could not be generated and consumed simultaneously in Stock Journal voucher. Now it can be done.

Bugs Removed

1. After Rewriting of Books, the monthly summary for all Sub Ledgers was showing zero amounts. Now problem rectified.
2. Users having restriction for price change in voucher were able to change the same in item parameterised details window. Now problem rectified.
3. Carrying pending challan references to next year; if for an item, both purchase and sales return challan references were pending then both types of references were getting carried over as pending purchase challan references only. Now problem rectified.
4. Current stock of item Items as shown in items drop down list was always being shown as zero. This problem started in 3.9(i) only. Now problem rectified.
5. Picking invoice details from challan, the item MRP was not being picked up. Now problem rectified.
6. Sales invoice data entry with item-wise discount enabled and item price being picked from item batches, the batch price was not being updated as item list price. Now problem rectified.
7. If a user did not have voucher modification rights, he was able to do so by opening a voucher in modification mode and pressing Page-Up & then Page-Down. Now problem rectified.
8. Trading Excise commercial invoice standard format, a line in the footer was missing. Now problem rectified.
9. While cancelling a voucher having service tax details, the service tax details were not getting deleted from background. Now problem rectified.
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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 03 April 2012


What is new in Busy 3.9 J-1


Product release BUSY 3.9 ( j-1 ) BY DEEPAK KUMAR

Statutory Changes

1. Minor corrections in Delhi DVAT-16.

Bugs Removed

1. Invoice printing with any of items sub details enabled, if sub details with an item were more then one, an error was being generated while printing the invoice. Now problem rectified. 

2. Printing any report along with item details with batch details and expiry, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.

3. Picking data from parameters window and choosing multiple entries with different prices, the final amount in the item grid was getting changed due to some rounding problem. Now problem rectified.

4. Creating sales voucher using ‘F8’ key, the party default ‘Station’ & ‘Transport’ fields were not getting picked from Account master. Now problem rectified.

5. Showing pending item sub details using ‘Alt+P’ key, in case of trading excise, the details were not being shown.

6. Item barcode printing for Group of Items or All items, item group name was not being printed. Now problem rectified.

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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 01 June 2012

What is new in Busy 3.9 J-7

Product release BUSY 3.9 ( j-7 ) BY DEEPAK KUMAR


Statutory Changes

1. Minor corrections in Gujarat VAT Form - 402.

Minor Changes

1. GR Date field would be asked in Gujarat state also as the same is required in VAT reports.

2. Standard invoice printing, if VAT Summary (being printed in the bottom) was quite long, it was getting truncated after 130 characters. Now in case of long VAT Summary, it will split in two lines.

3. New fields added in invoice designing:


Bugs Removed

1. Sometimes while generating parameterised stock status report, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.

2. Modifying sales voucher with Trading Excise details, sometimes the sales party was getting replaced with supplier name in the database. Now problem rectified. To correct data having this problem user will have run House KeepingApply Data Patch option and specify TE1 as patch no. to correct this problem.

3. Modifying sales voucher with Trading Excise details, if option ‘Enforce Same Supplier & Mfr. in Sales’ was enabled, the voucher could never be saved with the message ‘Supplier & Mfr. are different’ even if this condition was not true. Now problem rectified.

4. Sales Return in Sales invoice with parameterised details enabled, the return qty. was being printed as sales qty. in sales invoice. Now problem rectified.

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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 05 June 2012


What is new in Busy 3.9 K


PR Busy 3.9 ( k)

Statutory Changes

1. Minor changes in Manufacturing Excise e-Return.

2. Minor changes in Karnataka e-Sugam.

3. Minor changes in Rajasthan VAT 10A & 11 e-Returns.

4. Trading excise RG23-D, option provided to generate Page / Sr. No. wise.

5. Minor changes in HP VAT reports & e-Return.

6. Minor changes in Uttrakhand Form-3 & e-Return.

Minor Changes

1. HO/BO Data Sync., bulk Updation of voucher; in case there was some blank voucher nos. an error was being generated. Now in case of blank voucher nos., a message will pop up to correct the same and bulk process will not start.

2. Trading excise configuration, a new option ‘Append Voucher Series Name in Default Ref No.’ provided. If enabled, the voucher series name will be appended to default reference no. created during data entry. Till now voucher no. and date was being used for default reference creation.

3. MRP-wise stock maintenance, sale voucher data entry, if no stock was available the sales was being saved with zero MRP. Now in this condition, sales MRP will be asked in a window.

4. Utility provided to feed Purchase Bill No. & Date from outside (without modifying the voucher). Available as AdministrationUtilitiesMisc. Data entryUpdate Purchase Bill No. & Date.

5. Item barcode printing in WAN environment was very slow. Now speed improved.

Bugs Removed

1. DATA_FONT field was misbehaving during document printing if the printing font in configuration was set to ‘Mixed’ or’ Courier New’. Now problem rectified.

2. ‘Auto Generate Forex Gain Loss’ utility was generating error if ‘Sub Ledger’ feature was enabled. Now problem rectified.

3. Sales voucher entry by scanning BCN directly and item price being applied on Alt. Unit, sometimes the price of item on the basis of BCN was not being picked correctly. Now problem rectified.

4. Item parameter-wise pricing was not getting applicable in case of sales/purchase challan. Now problem rectified.

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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 07 June 2012

What is new in Busy 3.9 K-1


Statutory Changes : BY DEEPAK KUMAR

1. Rajasthan e-Requisition for C Form provided

2. Chattisgarh e-Requisition C Form provided.

3. Minor changes in UP Form XXIV & e-Return.

4. Minor changes in Punjab VAT Form 23 & 24.

5. Minor changes in Delhi VAT 2A, 2B & e-Return.

6. Minor changes in Rajasthan VAT-10.

7. Minor changes in Uttrakhand VAT Annexure 1 & 17.

Minor Changes

1. Provision made for Auto Creation of Challan/Order references during voucher creation to save data entry time. Can be configured while enabling Order/Challan feature.

2. New field <PARTY_CONTACT_PERSON> added in Payment Reminder Letter & Statement of Account configuration.

3. FTP backup in client server mode, provision made to make backup from client computer. Till now it could be done from server computer only.

4. FTP backup & restore, provision made to specify FTP port no. of server.

Bugs Removed

1. Master drop down wild search, masters having ‘*’ in master name were not being searched. Now problem rectified.

2. Forms Issuable/Receivable report sent directly by email to respective parties, the email id(s) of respective parties were not being picked up. Now problem rectified.

3. Royalty calculation on Item MRP; if the MRP was specified in voucher, same was not being used in report calculation. Instead MRP from Item master was being picked. Now problem rectified.

4. Stock Status grouped with value of items being shown, on pressing <Enter>, no details were being shown. Now problem rectified.

5. Item barcode printing from BCN, if no. of BCN were large in a voucher, barcodes for all the BCN were not getting printed. Now problem rectified.

6. Query on inventory vouchers, filter on Item Additional Field with All voucher series, an error was being generated. Now problem rectified.

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Exshail (Software) (1576 Points)
Replied 14 June 2012

What is new in Busy 3.9 K-2


Minor Changes  :     BY DEEPAK KUMAR

1. Creating Item master, branch-wise price details could be fed by super user only. Now any user who is not tagged with any branch can feed branch-wise prices.

2. Item Serial No.-wise stock maintenance, more then 9999 series nos. was not allowed in item opening balance. Now it has been allowed.

3. Item barcode configuration, new data fields provided:


Bugs Removed

1. Configurable Statement of A/c and Confirmation of A/c report, wrong report date(s) were being printed. Now problem rectified.

2. Item barcode printing with item prices, if current logged in user was tagged with a branch, price for that branch was not being printed. Instead HO price was being printed. Now problem rectified.

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