Service tax on " rental of immovable property services

Rajesh A,MBA,ACS,LLB (Customs Broker International logistics operator and FTP Consultant)   (100 Points)

08 April 2009  

Dear friends,

a lessor got regn under ST on 24.03.09 for " rental of immovable property services'and claiming ST from 01.04.2008 ( i.e from FY begining onwards ).
query is;
1.Is it correct charging ST with retrospective effect?
2.Will ST applicalbe on the full value of rent paid?
3.Is ST applicable on arrears of rent also?
4.The property belongs to HUF and rent paid to individual co parceners by separate cheques after TDS.But only one co parcener charging ST out of his share of rent.Is it correct or we have to pay voluntarily to all the owners?