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Self study is what you need.

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Mukesh Kumar Singh (CA-FINAL) (4094 Points)
Replied 08 July 2013

very well said sir.

Varsha (Student) (1164 Points)
Replied 08 July 2013

Originally posted by : *RENU SINGH *

really right ...concur with your views ...

anyways , m doing self study too

kartik (student) (989 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

Well said :). And before this turns into a heated debate about coaching versus self study, please understand what Nimish is trying to convey. Self study is the base of CA studies. U can have coaching for guidance if u really need it. But to blindly go for coaching just bcoz every1 is doing so, is foolish. I personally advocate & do self study. I find it more enriching than going for coaching.
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Parmesh (student) (33 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

I tried to study by myself with books BUT I wanted to tell that when I study selfly I start remembering it ruther than understand it so coaching gives us a basic way to understand a particular subject not to just remember it.

Bhaavna (Queen ) (1933 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

"ou study for 15 minutes yourself gets in your head better than what u learn for 2 hours in a class.  "


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SELVAKUMAR (Student) (52 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

Hi friends,

where ever you go no problem the only thing is to understand the concept clearly.  It useful for clearing exam and go for practice or employement.

CA Abhishek Pal (Accounts Executive) (81 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

Originally posted by : Suryakant Dubey

Coaching is just for guidance...Ultimately m agreeing with the fact that finally the self study is the only which conquer the battle...Bt CA is what about learning more than what books convey,Learning a course with industry specific requirements & standard can only be guided by the renowned professors in their respective feilds,,for those coaching classes are essential.....,Professors in classes through their illustrations, recent cases in practical aspects links our theoretical knowledge with the practical ones.....

Totally agreed....!!yes

Nimish Jain (Internal Auditor/CA final student)   (240 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

I know a lot of people who think CA without coaching is impossible. I'm not trying to be against coaching here. I am trying to be against that mentality that coaching is a must

Coaching should be an option. It is not a necessity.

Budding Professional (B.Com, CA & CS FINAL) (1686 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

No matter how good the professors are, how specifically they teach and how standardised and industry oriented they are in their teachings, 3-4 hours of music won't make you pass the exams. You will have to multiply it numerous times on your own to be able to get through. And if the professors are specific in their teachings, they should be avoided the most because specific approach has onl y one target, the score of 50. And with the ICAI examinations getting predictable, those professors are only finding their job easy. So, its only disastorous going in those kind of coaching centres. Having said that, coaching centres are no more a knowledge hub what they are generally presumed to be, they are only producing candidates who are more good at cramming who after appearing in the exams say that, "yaar sir ne ye karne ko kaha tha aur ye ditto aa gaya, gazab teacher hai bhai", not realizing that had they gone through the PM nd the module, the same would have been consequences. And such kind of praiseworthy words by the former students lure other students and so the cycle of disaster continues. With due respect, I would like to ask that is there any teacher who doesn't says that "Aapko kuch aur karne ki jarurat nahin hai, bas yahan di hui book padh lo aur paas hone se koi nahiun rok sakta". And the book contains questions from compilers, modules, RTPs and PMs with some refinements generally in the figures and names. There have been posts on CCI about how shamefully the coaching centres are acting and that is matter of grave concern, considering the damage that they are doing the prospects of students studying there.


On the flip side, we are now living in an era where the resources are only abundant (excluding coaching centres) and courtesy to that, we are more self reliant than to blindly follow someone else words.  You have everything available at your disposal, be it good self stdy books, online resources, amendments, notifications, notes, presentations etc. And CCI is in itself a huge knowledge resource.All these things combined together, self study becomes a much easier job contrary to how challanging it is assumed to be. Even if u go for coaching, you will have to study it on your own to be able to cross the line. Better do the entire things yourself. In my opinion, the best aspect of self study is that it makes you more analytical and that is the most important trait of a professional. Shelling out thousands just to get some guidance doesn't seems feasible if u can have everything on the internet at free of cost. Self study also teaches you time management, resource management and as I said, develops analytical skills.



All that being said, there are still coaching centres who can be regarded as good but they are bit less than few. To conclude, coaching should be undertaken only if the need for it is felt, not just because your friend is taking. And the choice of the coaching centre should be also ones own decision. Feedback is necessary but decision should not be taken blindly on the basis of that.


I myself did self study. Self study rocksyes

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Nimish Jain (Internal Auditor/CA final student)   (240 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

Very well said Neeraj.

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DIVYA SONI (CA Final Student) (27 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013


I think it is easy to study yourself when u r not in regular training (DUMMY).smiley

But while persuing articleship u cant think about self study in CA FINAL.

CA Suryakant Dubey (CA ) (931 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013

There is a great variation in thinking from examination point of view.....& pursuing CA as a career.....! passing is just a formality of being CA & to check whether we posess a relevant knowledge to be in a feild for what self study is enough ....!!! But guys...What after CA...no1 is going to judge you on the basis of what u hav studied...the knowledge we posess by self study that the knowledge we all possess being a professional colleagues of such profession ....Sharing experience of various audits,practical impacts of the SA'S,AS..Taxes,recognising their needs can be best guided by the experienced professor which have good acumen in their specialisation ....Finally there is difference in what & How ?

Kishor Bhat (CA final CS executive (from Bangalore))   (1881 Points)
Replied 09 July 2013 also doing nt facing that much problem.

manisha bijawat (ARTICIE) (28 Points)
Replied 10 July 2013

Please help me to know where i may find ca final reference books in london.... As i am presently in London but i am unable to get any ca final refrence e-books of main authors here.


S.ASWATH (Manager) (704 Points)
Replied 10 July 2013

I too insisting on same and tilll inter i did even I plans to do for final and believes it helps a lot on success but I thinking only for timing for final we have to invest lot of time for self but i have 1 year only

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