Result...must see !

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17 July 2012  


Hi Everybodyangel

Everybody who gave attempt this May 2012 for CPT/FINAL is eagerly waiting for the resultindecision... it makes me remind the day when i was in same position and all of us should agree that it is inevitable for anybody of us not to be tensed in such a situationdevil...

The moment we fill our Roll No and press ENTER or click on SUBMIT...the heart beat stops for few seconds sad and as soon as the result page is displayed..

some of us have joyful feeling..the whole body feeling a kind of sensation as if we won the world...laugh

but on the other hand...there are others who get sad with their eyes becoming wet...crying

I just want to convey to all that these are temporary momentsblush...its a part of life to have some good or bad moments... Dont panic ever... if you have passed don't be over confidentheart and if not passed don't be under confidentbroken heart.. We are lucky enough as a human being to growenlightened.. and to get another chance..We don't have to stop but keep trying again and again to reach the destination...i remember these awesome lines always "Manjil to mil hi jaegi, bhatak kar hi sahi....gumraah to wo log hain, jo ghar se kabhi nikle hi nahi"...yesthe conclusion being not to stop and sit but to keep trying again and again..

Lets all pray to the almighty to shower its blessing on us to have the wonderful result waiting ahead.. All the Best and JAI MATA DI !!!angel

I request you all to please share your result here !!

CA Rahul Garg