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Residential programme 8th batch

KHUSHBOO PRAHLADKA (student) (25 Points)

15 October 2011  

anyone who are willing to go for the 8th batch of residential programme at hyderabad..then please buzz me

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saurav (abc) (43 Points)
Replied 16 October 2011

I have applied for the 8th batch ystrday. Will be getting a response from them soon. But heard from sum1 that seats hv been filld fr 8th batch. Very much interestd to gt into d 8th batch. Hope ki ho jaaye. Cn ne1 hlp me in gttin into it.?

Ruchi (Student) (22 Points)
Replied 17 October 2011

I have applied for the 8th batch. I got an acknowledgement from them  for the receipt of my application and demand draft yesterday.

saurav (abc) (43 Points)
Replied 17 October 2011

@ ruchi wn did u applied ? Wt othr details they gv u rgadin d course n ol..

Ruchi (Student) (22 Points)
Replied 18 October 2011

I applied immediately after the announcement was made. They have just acknowledged the receipt of the application and demand draft. They have not confirmed my admission into the program. I'm looking forward to their intimation regarding admission.

saurav (abc) (43 Points)
Replied 18 October 2011

Hey i hv send the application form n all via courier n also gt d intimation of delivery from the company. But haven't received any acknowledgement or intimation by the ICAI. will they call or text us? Plus am not very sure there's any vacancy available for the 8th batch. Lets Hope for the best. Pl do inform on us this page if u get any further updates regarding the matter.

Hanish Chaudhary (Chartered Accountant) (333 Points)
Replied 18 October 2011

I applied on the very next day of the notification for the 8th batch and got an acknowledgement for the same after 2 days... Just a few hours back, i got another mail from bos regarding my selection for the training......! Excited and scared at the same time... i got a long list of things to be carried along with some hostel rules and regulations, bit excited and scared at the same time.....!!

Any one who did this course earlier, plz guide me, what all precuations and what all things we should do...!! 

kornica jain (Entrepreneur) (38 Points)
Replied 18 October 2011

I got the confirmation letter for the said batch today only......but i am fearing does it(programme) really worth it .....anyone who has done it previously (esp. from 7th batch ), please do suggest in this regard...

Hanish Chaudhary (Chartered Accountant) (333 Points)
Replied 18 October 2011

hahaha... that was the question for which i thought about for almost one complete night and i m worried that i didn't got any answer yet....!! Anyways i m gonna go for it, people says Hostel life is the one where u actually learn a lot in life, i never experienced that, that may be a benefit for me along with other benefits of the course...! Regarding the other ones, i still have some doubt. Plz anybody from previous batches guide me for the same.

Thanx in advance

saurav (abc) (43 Points)
Replied 19 October 2011

Hey hanish can u do a favour, pl update the mail that u received from bos i.e. the requirements n d procedures. M Very much excited abt the course just want to know everything abt it. Still not got any reply from dse ppl. :-(

KHUSHBOO PRAHLADKA (student) (25 Points)
Replied 19 October 2011

will i still get into 8th batch..havent applied for it yet and a litlle confused whether to go for it or not.. anyone from calcutta planning to go for it

Hanish Chaudhary (Chartered Accountant) (333 Points)
Replied 19 October 2011

@ Saurav

Copy of the mail and rules, regulations:


Congratulation! You have been selected to undergo 8th Batch of ICAI Residential Programme (Four Weeks) on Professional Skills Development starting from 2nd December, 2011.  The course is organized by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India at Centre of Excellence, Hyderabad.


Keeping in view the basic emphasis of the programme on Development of Communication and Writing skills and also to imbibe confidence in the participants the content have been thoroughly revised. More emphasis is given on soft skills, developing personality trait and communication skills of the participants by allocating more time towards these topics.

Further, we would like to communicate the following information:


Ø      You must keep adequate sets of formal wear such as full sleeves shirts, blazers, ties, leather shoes for boys and sarees or other formals for girls. 

Ø      You should also carry exercising clothes and sports shoes for yoga, and other physical activities. 

Ø      You are advised to carry Laptop (Not compulsory).

Ø      You are advised to be disciplined throughout this residential programme.  Any indiscipline may result into disciplinary action including debarring from the programme.

Ø      You are required to follow the rules and regulations prescribed by Board of Studies for this programme. (Copy attached).

Ø      You are required to send the balance payment of fees by demand draft in favour of The Secretary, ICAI payable at New Delhi within 10 days of receiving this email.

Ø      Cancellation of registration is not allowed after two weeks before the schedule commencement of the programme.


You are required to report on 1st December, 2011 at Centre of Excellence Hyderabad. The address and Phone No. of the venue is Centre of Excellence, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, “ICAI Bhawan” Plot No 10 & 11, Nanakramguda, Financial District, Gachibowli, Hyderabad – 500 019. Andhra Pradesh. Phone No: 040 – 65356676, Mobile No: 09397020120 (Mr. S.V. Ramana Reddy).

Please confirm your travel plan by 31st October, 2011 through email to coe.


Rules and Regulations



for the Participants of

Four Weeks Residential Programme at Centre of Excellence (CoE), Hyderabad

I.          General Rules 


1.         The residential rooms are subject to inspection by the authorities of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) at any point of time. 


 2.         The participants themselves are personally responsible to safeguard their own belongings.  

 3.         All movements from CoE should be recorded in the movement register kept with the security guard at the main entrance gate.  Twice in a week i.e., Saturday (6.00 PM. to 9.00 PM.) and Sunday (10.00 AM to 1.00 PM) only (if there is no other activity), the participants can go outside the premises.\

4.         The participants are not allowed to go out anywhere during weekends and holidays except, in extraordinary circumstances with due permission of the authorities of ICAI.

5.         ICAI will not be responsible for any mishaps during the residential programme, (within or beyond CoE) which may occur due to unforeseen circumstances, particularly those beyond the control of the Institute. 


 II.         Discipline - Residential Block 
 1.         Silence is to be maintained in the CoE including rooms, bathrooms, dining halls, corridors, common areas etc. 
2.         The participants are advised not to enter into any unnecessary conversation, discussions, quarrel among themselves or with any of the staff of CoE or any other member on duty.  


3.         The participants shall not waste food, electricity and water. 

4.         Smoking is prohibited in the CoE building.  Consumption of alcohol outside or inside the campus is strictly prohibited during the residential programme.

5.         Keeping any kind of weapons inside the room or anywhere in the campus is strictly prohibited. 

6.         Celebrating birthday parties inside the campus is strictly prohibited.  

 7.         While leaving the rooms, participants must ensure fans, electrical gadgets, lights etc., are switched off. 

 8.         Participants are not allowed to stay in the room during the class hours but for some unavoidable reason like illness or any other valid reason with proper permission.

9.         In any situation, girls are not permitted to enter boy’s rooms and vice-versa.  Further, they are instructed not to move in others floors in all circumstances. 

 10.       All the participants are required to go inside their room by 10.00 PM unless otherwise specified like some official activity being carried out at CoE.   

 III.        Mess Timings and Rules 
1.         The meal timings are as follows:


Morning Tea


6.30 AM – 7.00 AM



8.00 AM – 8.45 AM



As specified in Weekly schedule



8.00 PM – 8.30 PM

            These timings are to be strictly adhered to.  It is not obligatory on the part of                   catering staff to serve the meals outside the prescribed timings. 

2.         Dining hall furniture like chairs, tables, etc., and utensils like stainless steel tumblers, plates, spoons etc., are not to be taken out of the dining hall.  If anyone is found taking these dining hall properties out, he/she will be suitably penalized.

3.         Entering into kitchen of the mess is strictly prohibited.

4.         Bringing food from mess for the sick persons in rooms can be done, only after getting the written permission.  In other conditions, participants shall not take food from mess to eat outside the canteen.

IV.        Damages and Recovery

1.         Rough handling of any property of the CoE, ICAI is strictly forbidden.

2.         The cost of damages will be recovered from the participants in case of any damage.

V.         Class Room Discipline

1.         Students are prohibited from using mobile phone at any point of time during class hours.

2.         Using laptop for any reason, except instructed by the faculty (holding class during that time) is strictly prohibited during class hours.

3.         During class hours, participants are not allowed to go outside the class room in any circumstances without proper permission from the faculty.

4.         Talking is strictly prohibited inside the class room.

Violation of any of these rules would result in disciplinary action including debarring the participants from the residential programme. 



saurav (abc) (43 Points)
Replied 19 October 2011

@ khushboo Am from Kolkata. @ hanish thanks brother.

Hanish Chaudhary (Chartered Accountant) (333 Points)
Replied 20 October 2011

Most welcome bro.... Anybody from Delhi going for this course dec batch

Varun Golechha (CA) (234 Points)
Replied 24 October 2011

I've applied for 8th batch and have received confirmation for application but not received any other details regarding confirmation of seat. hope that they admit me into it. I'm very excited for it.

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