Regarding incometax

ramya (trainee) (36 Points)

10 July 2021  

Hi, I have questions 
We are selling own house .it is under my mom's  name..
So that amount we get is rs.30lakhs.. where to keep this one and make sure tax is not deducted..
I have checked with SBI bank manager he told to invest in F.D. and Mutual funds..
Now scenarios 
My mom  - non employed no income.. home maker
So in my moms  name if we keep rs.15lakh F.D. any tax deduction would happen or not??
My dad  is retired govt. Employee getting pension
Total income per year is rs.1.98lakh
So if we another rs.15lakh F.D. in dads  name how much tax is deducted?

Any better option other than capital gain