Pe2 May 2008

Saumita Ray (-) (26 Points)

16 December 2007  

I had attempted PE2 in Nov2007.

Unfortunately, my Gr1 didnt go well although Gr2 was good.
I'm thus, worried abt Gr1. I might have to attempt PE2 again in May08. (hopefully, only for Gr1).

As there is almost a month left for the reslut to be out, i need a suggestion as regards how can i effectively utilise the 1month period till the Results.
Also, if i fail, what preparations can i take to make my preparation better for Gr1? Bcoz before attempting Nov07 exam, i had left no stone unturned to have a good preparation...

Pls help as i am very nervous bcoz M08 will b the last PE2.

Thanks.          - Saumita