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Hello Friends,

Can anyone tell me what should be the time period to issue a notice for holding Board meeting?

Is this 21 days or 7 day?


7days in case of Board Meeting 21days notice is required for Shareholders in case of AGM
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Company Act is silent in this regard.


However as per secretarial standard on board meeting issued by ICSI the Agenda, setting out the business to be transacted at the Meeting, and Notes on Agenda should be given at least seven days before the date of the Meeting.


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Assuming that your company is a listed one... Clause 19 (a) states that notice to the Stock Exchange should be 2 daysin advance, but as a good corporate practice Board notice can be given 7 days in advance.

Also for the AGM it is 21 clear days.

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All the above views are correct.


In case of Listed Company:-


if for approving the results of quarter or Year:- It must be published before 7 clear days in the two news papers one in English and one in regional. Notice must be given to SE atleast 7 clear days before the date of meeting.

In the cases listed in clause 19(a) of Listing Agreement:- Notice must be given to SE, 2 days before the date of BM.



Notice to directors should be issued before 7 days of the date of BM.

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I would like to add some thing related. As per clause 1.2.4 of SS1, the notice of B Meeting need to be circulated to Directors alteast 15 days before of the meeting

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In my opinion, in case of a Private Limited company, unless the AOA provide otherwise, Board meeting can be convened on even 1 day notice. Please let me know if this is incorrect.


Hellow Friends,

Can anyone infofm me about format of Board Meeting of a Private Limited Company


Ours is a Private Limited, can we call a Board meeting without giving 7 days prior notice? I mean can we call such meeting by giving less then 7 days notice? I have read that it is possible to do so in case of transacting urgent bussiness but in presence of atlleast one independent director, but in ours there is no independent director.



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