Negative aspect of CA

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16 November 2012  

I never thought that I’d ever  feel the need to write such article. I really hate the word “CA” ….. In fact I  used to think what really made me choose CA …. Obviously as I couldn’t find out the real answer so the interest in studies also reduced by itself. But when I had joined CA club last year, I had seen many people are also sailing in the same boat and asking the question why ?  As the time passed, with good friends motivation  and discussion , when my thoughts got changed, I couldn’t even realizeenlightened. People used to share their experience whether positive or negative which really encourage others to do their best from the bottom of heart.heart

But from some days, I am continuously noticing that something  is really going wrong. People are creating  such posts which leaves skeptics in the mind of others who are in the journey of doing CA. They are continuously cursing CA  for such reasons as :

  1.  Failure : -   Constant failures are simply a time waste. Struck in  CA for 5 years is really a tough cookie and facing the hardships of life is also a part of it. You can do an MBA or something else which can be finished in less time and even bearing fruits.  Reallysurprise !!!

Is that the real option to choose ….Because there can be nothing worse than leaving something in half. Especially when you choose the second option because you had tasted the defeat….Well, I don’t even oppose the reason that if you want to be risk manager and struck at CA , then switching between the course won’t affect you, as CA is not your real aim… but if defeat is the real reasonof leaving CA… then definitely it’s not a right choice. Because while dreaming something you don’t think how much efforts would be put into achieving  the same … dreams are made with the flow of imaginations, a journey of enjoying the ups and downs and finally  feeling  the pride in achieving the same. angel


If you can dream whatever I said , then there is no meaning to look back and doubt your option.angel And asking yourself if failure a sign to quit … !!!!



  1.  Job guarantee : - OMG ….  There is no difference between a CA and  a graduate.  You can do the job just right after your  graduation and  earn easily. You can easily hear such examples  i.e.  CWA gives even more practical exposure,  MBA’s have good communication and  practical skills. Well, if you are really asking this question …..Then I want to say the famous Gulshan Kumar ( T-series creator)  was a vegetable sellercool.  It means  then you don’t need a degree to be successful. Then why just cursing the CA degree alone….broken heart

In my arena, I have lots of frns who have done CA . Some of them are rankholders, passed in 1st attempt and some are even who passed their finals in 3-4 attempts. They all got the jobs easily due to their skills. They are earning a good salary as well.  They also faced some questions which they couldn’t answer but still it doesn’t mean that they are not worthy enough.   Being true to yourself not only increase the confidence in your own but also  helps in conceiving  the other one that you are surely the right one person for whom the interviewer was really looking for.mail


I don’t say that constant improvement is not needed.Be sure that whatever and from wherever knowledge you acquire, is the best one.


  1.  Classes/ self study : -  I don’t know how can anyone really question about  the mode of study. Taking coachings  are a waste of time. You don’t learn anything. But  just tell me, if a person is able  to understand everything by him/herself then why he/she would  waste his money in  coachings. 

Thousands amount invested in coachings by many students are not fooling themselves.It’s a hope that they will surely improve themselves.What’s the meaning in criticizing the same option …


Well this question is also faced by those persons who prefer to do self study.Self study means you’ll be struggling for more hours, giving more attempts, less marks …. It’s not a good option in any way. Excuse me !!!!


If a person chooses the self study mode , then obviously kuch soch ke hi kiya hoga …… !!!! Even a kid knows that ifhe would touch the fire, he will be burnt. Then a person who is doingself study obviously knows the pros and cons of doing the same.


What’s the meaning of creating the doubt that you won’t get real knowledge.And if a person doesn’t get real knowledge by doing his/her articleship, self study or coaching mode….. Then from where he can really learn those  things ….. surprise


Everybody doesn’t know everything buteveryone knows something.


It takes time to learn and persistence and preservation of knowledge comes with experience.Let those people learn by themselves and find what could work best for them.





Taking criticism as a grain of saltisalways a best option. A person can change everything if he values his/her efforts and still expect them to take it up a notch.yesenlightened



Note :-

I was walking on eggshells while writing this. But still if I've  hurt someone with my thoughts, then I'm really sorry for this.