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CA Final


Now with only 20 days for exams, I dropped group 1 preaparation. Trying to focus only on Group 2 as I want at least one group out of my way. Everytime I take the book I feel that with such less number of days left I can't prepare completely and I am going to fail. There is no motivation at all for me to study. if I know I am going to fail why should I study?

Here is what my situation as of now.

1. I have exemption in ISCA - 71 which helps me a lot. So I need a average of 43 only in the remaining 3 subjects.

2. AMA - have prepared QT well. Plannig to leave Standard costing. Will studying other chapters and theory alone get me good marks?

3. IDT - Finished case laws and Valuation of CE. Should read other chapters here after only.

4. DT - Done with wealth tax only. Nothing else.

With only this much of preparation and and only 20 days to go do you friends think I still have a chance? last 2 days only I have started preparation seriously. Studying some 10 hrs a day. Will increase to 12-15 hrs. At this rate will I even clear Group 2?

Please help me friends. Motivation alone can keep me going.



Even Am in a Similar situation,Infact U r in better position as u have Exemption in ISCA.

AMA - Ill reckon the Following there are 2 divisions of costing one is Standard Costing ,ABC  Rest of entire Costing is marginal costing( the latter part is Crazy u knw Why cos ,it requires interpretation of Question and Don knw From where icai picks PRoblems unlike Standard Costing which is A set Format).

My Advice Do ABC first  and ,Standard Costing yes its a bit tough....But pls Add up doing ABC to OR cos these Costings have a regular format unlike Decision making/Marginal Costing

Theory of Costing ,i feel is humungous unless u r not anti towards theory...

IDT-Study SSI and VAT it will not take much time for 43.

DT-Amendments and Amendments only.


Aishwarya there is nothing to worry, I am telling you my Own & the Fresh experience. I too was in the same situation in Nov 2012 Attempt & in Just 17 - 18 days of study Cleared my G2 & First attempt Again Self study & Belive me, Else you can visit my forums & you will find me telling the same even on the day of results. I said i was shocked & surprised to see my result as Pass & again I tell you for G1 am starting my studies from Tomoro, With full hopes to clear it in May 2013. I know I am a Bit different from you for this attempt as my confidence & Moral has gone very High because of clearing G2 in Nov 2012 but Would tell you Just dont think anything negative & study with full dedication & you will pass. G2 is just easy. Should you need any help in G2 feel free to ask for the same

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One who face the exam and failed are considered successful persons when compared with one who give up their exam.

Never give up in exam preparation

Never give up in exam hall






you are lucky to clear ISCA with 71.  please give us some tips on ISCA. Its very boring & vast compared to IT/SM in ipcc. 

CA Final

Originally posted by : Ketan Thakur

you are lucky to clear ISCA with 71.  please give us some tips on ISCA. Its very boring & vast compared to IT/SM in ipcc. 

I wish I could help you in ISCA. I have friends who work in IT and they had always explained their work, how projects work or flow etc. Also I always had an affinity towards that subject and I loved it. Frankly speaking, ISCA was like child's play to me. I was very familiar with all the jargons and used them a lot in the examination.

Believe me, I hardly spent 3-4 hrs reading that subject.

Also I went to a ISCA revision class. That was my only other exposure to ICAI's ISCA subject. Took notes in the class, I had to because I was sitting in the first row. On the day of exam, from morning 11 - 1pm I just went through those few pages of notes. That was my total preparation.

I will go home in another week. I will try to scan those notes and upload it here. That might help.

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a kavita for u

jivan me kuch karna hai toh,,,

man ko maare mat baitho...

aage badhna hai to ,,,

himmat haare mat baitho...smiley



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At this point, don’t think about the result, rather think about the exam. Just have faith in yourself and give your 100%. Believe in yourself. Put in all your efforts. Remember God help those who help themselves.


Moreover luck is also a big factor. You never know which of your good deeds gets paid off in the form of the positive result. Just do your part as nicely as you can. Leave the result in God’s hands.


All the best.


bas dosto dimaag main koi bhi tarah ka pressure mat lo aram se ja k exam ko face karo brain ko jitna cool rakhoge exam bhi utna hi cool jayega



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