Marry, take transfer and divorce(only way out of a CA

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

02 July 2009  

This is shocking and i was expecting that nothing would change in the benefit of  CA students. esp the person who was telling that ICAI is gonna allow at least one more transfer.

Among all this reasons considers legitimate; i feel if any of you guys and gals feel like leaving your  principal(if they are like that); MARRY AND TAKE TRANSFER AND THEN DIVORCE, HAHAHAHHa.


And what about taking prior consent of taking permission/advice from ICAI before signing Form 109.

a)If through any source the present CA comes to know that ye bunda transfer lenaa chahtaa hain; he might use his unprecedented power given by ICAI to make his articleship nil citing all those foolish exploitable reasons like moral turpitude

b) We all know how paper work is FAST in our ICAI. 2-3 mainaa to aaram se lagg jaati hain. Then by that time; if the person who was gonna take us under him finds another article; the student will be left nowhere to go.