Life of a Boy

janak (post graduation) (1327 Points)

02 August 2010  

"" The Life time of a boy to be a man ""


When I was born.....A woman was there to hold me


                          " My mother "


I grew as a child.......A woman was there to care for me


                       & play with me :-


                           "My sister"


I went to school .....A woman was there to help me learn


                      " My teacher "


I became depressed whenever I lost something.....

       A woman was there to offer a shoulder


                    " My friend "



I needed company , compatability & Love......A great


                  woman was there for me


                        "My wife"


I became tough.....A woman was there to melt me


                   "My daughter"


When I die......A woman is there to Absorb me in .......:-


                  "My Motherland"

           If u r a man, Value every Woman

     If u r a Woman, B proud to B woman