let's file a pil to challenge icai's bullishness and dadagir

jose.p (CA in service) (1676 Points)

04 April 2009  

We can't wait watch helplessly. Let's file a Public Interest Litigation against icai for trying to curb our fundamental rights of freedom, right of progression and emancipation. Suppose, Mr A, a finalstudent; is interested in Customs and Excise field; and after lots of references and hard work; he finally manages to convince a CA who is also a specialist in the same field to take him under his firm. He agrees. Does the new rule permit his transfer. No,: Mr Aggarwal of icai; who gave you or ur cronies the right to come in the way of a student's quest of knowledge. Now just for this; will he have to ASK HIS DAD," PLZ TAKE TRANSFER FROM YOUR HAWALDAR JOB FROM JAMNAGAR TO BOMBAY; OTHERWISE I WONT BE ABLE TOJOIN A ca SPECIALIST IN C&E. ". The father says ," YOU HAD FOUND A LOCAL TOP ca IN THE SAME FIELD.". Mr A says," FATHER; ICAI'S FOLLY HAS FORCED ME TO TAKE THIS STEP".

I will be posting what is a)pil b)procedure and everything. Let's file a pil