Last attempt Below Average Student--- A REAL success story..Must Read

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19 July 2010  

Hi All,

Thought a long time ago to post this but could not..

I think if I am posting it today..then its the best time as results declared Today..

Having gone through almost all the posts related  to low results here.. I found two apprehensions in students common:

1. If forcibly ( Thouh intentioally) ICAI declares low results, then failed students are not bothered with that attitude of ICAI coz they prepared hard..they gave their best..they forego all enjoyments..they pushed it hard enough..mugged up all amendments till eleventh why THEM???   so cribbing is right.. atleast i found that justified.

2. Another apprehension is " Will i get job if could not crack in first attempt" . Problem is even though i am talented but companies wont give me a chance to sit in interview as i am not so called first attempter...  so literally ICAI just screwed their career... To an extent i found even that justified coz. students never compromised on efforts when demanded. then why THEY targetted..( I am talking about sincere students)).. AND ANYWAYS ONLY FIRST ATTEMPTERS are considered by top companies.or .atleast given a priority .. hope you all accept that

And obvoius replies ( In fact suggestions) are.. prepare hard..see the mistakes...try positive..even some have pasted great articles here( I am not targetting anybody's sincere efforts on this forum..Plzz dont mind)..


Do you think ICAI will pass everybody in next attempt..

again top 7 %( Intellects) or lucky 7 %...will pass only..{{{ i leave it to you to decide what matters for success as i am not going to discuss success composition here..}}}}

So again these 93% will be cribbing and will abuse we all doing today.. so what should we do????

Its the time to understand that Key isConsistent performance and not Consistent results and a constructive belief system....then results will automatically start becoming consistent( I dont want to preach anything so posting my friends real life story instead of heavy stuffs)))

Name : ??????

Type-------------( Average or Below average student......common  stupid man..)

Ca-Inter-- second attempt

Ca Final appeared for ist attempt ist group----- got cleared

Second attempt------ second group appeared-- 189( Failed in aggregate))

Articleship cleared after second attempt.. very funny...He was a dummy for 3 years.....But anyways officially completed..!!

joined part time office of local CA firm

One and half month leave---- third attempt--second group---aggregate 175 failed..exempted one paper....

SHATTERED... having all apprehensions mentioned above in his mind and decided to quit.... But didnot

He understood the logic that he has to be among top 7 % .. if you are then okay .. if not,,, then be the institute's favourate.. but have to prepare for sure till the time you are among top 7 or you are declared pass by institute fortunately..

He was Apprehensive while preparing that even if  he will clear in next attempt... he is already screwed by Institute( Or by himself)..i dont want to comment on success composition as i said ..

But.. take home lesson for him was “he is SCREWED UP finally( No matter by whom)..AND HAVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING( which will fetch him job..). ELSE NO BODY WILL CONSIDER HIM...value him .... or wont give respect

He told me that by that time even his parents started doubting his capabilities..

MOREOVER HE IS  DUMMY AS I MENTIONED.. so have nothing in his favour...or you can say he is destined to doom...

Again 1.5 month leave--3 exams---fourth attempt---- BINGO !!! he made it...

Happy again but again he was apprehensive....that he have to fight to get a 20000 P.M job....

because forth attempter plus dummy..great combination indeed to start a career for Chartered accountant...

After declaration of result he did not applied for 20 days anywhere ( though his articleship completed and he cant wait for campus as only GENPACT will  shortlist him there... where my friend was least interested in profile and it was a last option for him.) he remain seated at home..

Finally  he started hunting the job from 21st calls from monster & consultants from 25th day.. interview arranged on 28th day... Bingo...he got a job of  40000 P.M..( From a top 10 audit firm of india ))

28th day of result---- final call from a top 10 firm

33rd day from result---final call from a top 6

40th day from result--final call from a top 4

approx 45 th day from declaration of result... Institute shortlist announced FOR CAMPUS INTERVIEW...and he got ""  a SINGLE CALL""" .genpact....THANKS TO FOURTH ATTEMPT....

SO EFFECTIVELY WITHIN 25 DAYS OF starting job hunt( as he started from 21st day)....he got offers from top audit firms...

Why????????   coz he got guts to say to interview panel.. i am worth it and i can prove it if you hire me...

How he got the guts??? what he did???? how should we go about it..if unfortunatively we land up in his conditions..

SORRY!!! I already said that purpose is not to preach you my friends and its individualistic approach which worked for him .... So prepare your own plans and achieve the best..

Motive was to inform you through this real incident that life not ends here..friends.... What happened has happened..and may happen in future too..Question yourself that what extra you are doing to counter that negative impact imposed on you( If ICAI is at fault) or  impact earned by you( if prep was weak on your part). you must prepare for next attempt and balance accordingly to learn something a extramile..which will fetch you job in life and you can save your six month spoiled now..

Make a strategy to counter attack the situation..

If my friends here want ...i can talk to my friend and can post what special he did ..what was his methodology..??

But what i always feel is we should take a clue and chartout our plans accordingly and should not adapt the plans of others as it is...

Will post here his comments if you guys suggest..

Thanks a lot !!

I apologise if i hurt anybody through this post..

Regards to all