Humble request to all cs professionals

priyanshu saxena (MBL LL.B.(Hons.) CS (Professional) with 4 yrs exp as Law editor in Thakur Publishers Pvt. Ltd.)   (2653 Points)

27 March 2012  


Hey guys

Greetings to all

Exam time is near and for those who are in CS professional its only 2 months left for exams and so as mine.


Being a working person m not able to read thoroughly the study material and as I don’t have any other student of CS so we can study together so cant ask or take help of group study.


As an alternative I would like to request all CS Professional Students to be online at the same time and discuss the matters of Study materials so that each n every topic can be covered easily in an understandable manner. And we all can enjoy the GROUP STUDY.


As knowledge enhance from distribution so those who are well versed and masters of the subjects are most welcome to help the budding professional in this short time span.


Please guys its my humble request as I m becoming selfish for this CS name label so as u should.. I think!!!




Priyanshu Saxena