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I am Company Secretary and Compliance Officer of Company doing business in Media Sector and FM Radio. I am dealing with all works relating to Secretarial and work relating to Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (MIB).  

Gurpurb Dee Lakh Lakh Wadai !!




1.       Procedure for Appointment of Cost Auditors

2.       Procedure for Issue of FCEBs

3.       Short Note on Issue of FCEBs

4.       Note on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

5.       Procedure for Conversion of Name from Private to Public (Status Change)

6.      Disqualifications of Director under Section 274(1)(g)

7.       Foreign Exchange Manage Act, 1999_ Basic Understanding


1.       Articles on Issue of FCEBs

2.       Procedure for Change of Name (Status Change)

3.       Resolution Passed By Circulation

4.       Budget 2012-13

5.       Issue of Bonus Shares

6.      Procedure for Conducting Statutory Meeting

7.       Procedure for insertion of new object clause

8.      Procedure for Increase in Number of Directors

9.      Public Deposit

10.     Yoga Guideline



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