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Highest Marks in History of ICAI

Page no : 2

Originally posted by : Naami

@ SHashank


In CA Final?

ya in nov 07 attempt............n due to law i have cleared my first group...........

CA CS Mohan Kumar B.N. (partner) (118 Points)
Replied 18 May 2010

I have heard that in May 1998 one student has scored 100 in CA final accounts,,,,it's true my sir use to tell,,, 

Originally posted by : Naami

Tell me more

was that your first attempt.

how much did u study?

how many revisions?

case laws how did u approach?

how long did u write ur answers?

did u by heart sections and quoted judicial rulings

which book did u refer?

any other tips for me brother?

My first attempt was May 07 and about law, it was my fav. subject since PE2. Frankly speaking i dont know abt others, but for me whole 1 month. I am working in U.S Firm and they dont give time for study , so i use to study in office.

I use to complete a whole section of law in a week and on sat n sun i use to revise it, so y the exam time almost done 2 revision. I prefered Modules of ICAI, tried to rember every section and case law by attaching some peculiar name to it.

Just think that in grp 1, u can score as much as u can in law n audit. So try to understand it n if not then raata mar lo......i m sure u will get exemption. Same i have followed with IDT n MICS. got 70 in MICS n in IDT only 59.

Ganesh.S.Kumar (Consulting Executive) (852 Points)
Replied 19 May 2010

as far as i know no one has broken Sri.Saravana Prasath's final accounts record as in institute's crash course they still introduce him as the one who as taken highest marks in accounts and they even say no one has broken it or equalled.this holds true upto march 2009.and i don't think anyone has scored that much in the past 1 year.

Naami (CA Final Student (Articled Assistant))   (162 Points)
Replied 20 May 2010


Thanx Ganesh , SHaahank & Mohan

Keep contributing.


ANIRBAN DAS (CMA, B.Com, CA Final,) (1522 Points)
Replied 20 May 2010

as far as i know Giriraj Ajmera topper (final, june2009) got 93 in MAFA (paper-2), CA Vineet Sodhani (final, 2006) 94 in Direct Taxes and 86 in Indirect Taxes also someone fromMumbai scored 90 in IndirectTaxes and won best paper award.

Naami (CA Final Student (Articled Assistant))   (162 Points)
Replied 21 May 2010

Thnx Dear....

Vibhu (CA) (59 Points)
Replied 22 May 2010


Ok dese r da marks dat I know (valid for old course only:).....Based on the collection of Journals of the last 3 decades that I have read from the Library collection....


1. A/cts: 99, dont remember the attempt, but, it surely would have been in 1990s....


2. MAFA:94 in nov-2009


3. Audit:   88 in May-2007


4. Law:  87 in November 2001



5. Costing: 94 in May 2002


6. MICS or the Pre-MICS(pre: nov,2002):  my friend is telling me dat he has seen some one's mark-sheet with 82 marks(sorry attempt not known)

7. DT: 94 in nov-2006

8. IDT: 91 from a student of delhi in 2007...............

Disclaimer: These are only the marks that I remember after reading the various journals. Comments given only in Individual capacity from the data that I have read. Neither a certification, nor being given in any profnl capacity :)

A.K.Banik (Tax Consultant) (1596 Points)
Replied 27 May 2010

it is better to wait for ICAI database about the topic HIGHEST MARK .

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CA PuRvI M!$rA (-) (2260 Points)
Replied 27 May 2010

my frnd got 80 in costing in nov09.............

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NASM13 (Article Clerk) (63 Points)
Replied 07 June 2010


Haren kumar (2 Points)
Replied 04 December 2015

now in ipcc may 16 someone is going to cross 650 marks

anurag saxena (3 Points)
Replied 25 April 2017

I heard 100 in SFM of gaurav jain student 

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