High time to learn from Ankur Garg (Bhaiya)

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24 March 2011  



 8.05 PM, 24TH March, 11 -

Sir Sachin Tendulkar has just completed 18000 runs in one day cricket :) in a crucial QF Match against Aussies  (Sachin’s Fav. Opponent)

Man what an impact this man has in Indian Cricket !!  

While thinking of Sachin the only picture that comes into my mind is of my Elder bro and Numero Uno of CCI – Ankur Garg.

"Every legend, moreover, contains its residuum of truth, and the root function of language is to control the universe by describing it"


Ankur Garg 

His records are unmatchable just like our Sachin.

Have a look at the below mentioned figures:-

57507 Points, 7572 thanks & 7539 replies in expert section that too when he is offline since Jan 1, 11.    







Company Secretary, Mcom, LLB and a gold medalist from his college

days. Presently he is working as a Company Secretary and handling all kinds of

Secretarial matters including Stock Exchange (NSE, BSE) Compliances.

But the best thing about him is his nature. He is a very humble and helpful person.

He is the source of inspiration for all the new members at CCI.

When most of the members comment on the post by seeing the name of Author, he was the only person who used to comment on the post of new members and encourage them to write more.

I still remember that I got only 4 comments on my first post and one of them was from Ankur Bhaiya. He asked me to make some necessary changes in my post and post it again in articles section.

And you know what it got selected in articles section and you can imagine the feeling one gets on writing his first article.

Sachin never talks and let his bat do the talk. In the same way he always responded his critics with his posts and dedication towards this platform.

90% of the present contributors (including me) are here just because of guidance and love they got from him.

We used to disturb him with our silly queries but he always replied to all of us with the smile on his face.        

He is a person with a Golden Heart and a calm mind. Whenever we feel any problem he suddenly used to appear just like Alladin ka Jin and solve it.

I have given him three more names –

Encyclopedia of CCI, Google of CCI and male version of Mother Teresa.

He was not limited to any particular genre and has contributed in almost all the sections of CCI forums.

On one hand he writes on Corporate Presentation and on other he contributes in Story and Humour section.

His exam tips and ATLAS method is still the best that you can get on this club.

If you wanna search Auditing and Law related articles or files then you will definitely hit his profile.

He has also posted on value of relationship, explained us the style of Mr. Warren Buffet, leaning from ant, emphasized the importance of parents, gave lectures on stress management and also gave us health tips.

If I start discussing his work then it will end in 2012.

My sincere request

So in the end I just wanna say that if you liked this write-up then instead of thanking me or this post just visit the profile of Ankur  Bhaiya and press the thank user button.

Please don’t post any comment on this post but only write about Ankur Bhaiya so that we all can know what importance he has in your life.

If you didn’t like this post then my writing skills are solely responsible for it and not the persona of this legend.    

We love you Bhaiya and misses you a lot. Pls come back

"I miss you like the sun misses the flowers, like the sun misses the flowers in the depths of winter, instead of beauty to direct it's light to, the heart hardens like the frozen world which your absence has banished me to"

With this I am signing off



Ankur Bhaiya's Thoughts


Always be happy Guys…Help others…Work hard…

Avoid shortcuts…Success is just round the corner !!!

Ankur Bhaiya’s contribution:-