Article On LEGENDS of CCI

CA Madhukiran Reddy (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (12714 Points)

22 March 2011  


First of all thanks to all of you for making my previous series on TIPS AND TRICKS successful.Thanks



On this Sunday after completing the series of my tips and tricks, I am watching a cricket match of IND Vs WI (Of course I am diehard fan of Cricket). Balu Bro came to online and our conversation is like this

Balu : Hi

Me: Hi

Balu: Congo for completing your series

Me: Oh! Thank you Bro

Balu: Can you do me a favour

Me: What Bro anything for you

Balu: I want you to write an article

Me: On What?

Balu: Article on LEGENDS of CCI

Me: On Whom?

Balu: **********

Me: Oh My god!! Me on that great personality

Balu: Yes you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That this conversation is the between us. Then this article came into existence.

So, I don’t know whether I would be successful in describing such great personality.

Let’s starts with this article about the LEGENDS of CCI

Actually the founder of this legend series is Balu Bro…..

He started the part 1 and the series of Part 2 is excellently expressed by Renu.

I inspired by both of their articles and continuing the 3rd part in the same series.

Now it’s the time to know about another LEGEND of CCI. So now this topic is


15th may 2008,

Do you know what this date is???

Don’t struggle Banging Head I will tell, this is the day on which a miracle happened!!! A legend entered into CCI.

He is none other than CA Ravi Sisodiaclap here in after we call him as a “LEGEND”.dance


We all proud to have such a personality in our CCI platform.

He belongs to Golden City called RAJASTHAN. He is Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and also a Rank holder in Cost Accountancy.Wow

It’s very rare to get such a personality who has very highly qualified and skills.

He has been there in our CCI platform from almost two and half years.

CCI Details:

He is a Featured Member having nearly 24000 points and 2050 thanks.

He is in the top 5 of hall of the fame in the expert section. Solving nearly 5750 queries in experts section.

Not only in experts section now he in the 5th position out of the top 30 members in the CCI.

His contribution is Unexplainable.You Rock

Simply in one sentence “It’s our madness, when we try to describe him in words.”

No words to describe him………

In CCI some members are there to earn points, some members are there to gain Knowledge and some members are there to share their knowledge to others.

This LEGEND will come under the third category.

He will be ready to help 24/7 to CCI’ttes. 

It is our luck to have such a personality in our knowledgeable platform. Hope Our LEGEND will continue his work in CCI by helping others in future also.

This article is in my opinion about our LEGEND. Ravi Sir please forgive if I shared anything you don’t accept.


Finally the total credit goes to BALU who is a founder of this series.



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