Article On Legends Of CCI Part-2

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10 March 2011  

First of all thanks to all for noticing that I had deleted my pro and also for missing me in a day … and sorry for deleting my profile;(. But it was more than necessary bcz it was more like an orkut/fb profile, not a professional one. I can delete my work there but cant delete the comments which I hav received. I cant face my profile on personal front ….so I simply del it.ya about wrk …if m here ..then I can perform much more better  wrk na… so simply forget d yesterday…

I have even changed my name to Renu ..which was d root cause of my problem bcz my name “naina”was promoting unwanted flirting …. Na rahega baans , na bajegi basuri ..thts it.


So get back on my track …lets start wid new article


  This article was originally written by “balu” bro ..and m continuing the same with part 2 ..m gonna talking about  Cma. Sanjay gupta. In short “bhaiya” .  he is in CCI for almost 3 yrs .. from " City of Joy – Kolkata, completed ICWA, M.Com, CS (Inter) and currently pursuing CS (Final) & MBA. Presently  working for "Jekay Group of Companies".  With almost 29000 points and 4000 thx …

He is also there in expert section , shared files ,..and infact u can find everything in his profile.  Ya well am waiting for his blogs too …hope he will start blogging in near future too..Even if u know his bookmark u will easily get the half knowledge of ICAI.

If I want to describe him I can jst say three words for him “specific, straight forward and honest”

Specific _______ he is quite specific . what he really wants  and in what way . this is the most influential part of his personality.normally  we also lack wisdom in this point . we always strive hard for something..but we forget what we want . and this is the main reason tht we don’t get the thing in the way we want…so if u can …then learn this quality from him. It’s a mst thing .

Straight forward-----  I got impressed with this point too much :)…no faltu ki bakwas … jst be on the point. If u ask any query to him , he will give u jst the right amount of answer, which u can understand easily  and main thing , which u want . If u see his  reply for queries in expert section , u will get a hint about this quality too.


Honest -------- for this quality he must be rewarded with 10/10 marks . bcz its nt easy to be raja harishchandraseriously hats off for this quality .. but yeah he knows his responsibility  , and also carry it with grace. This is the main thing that u can easily find in his forum ..that no matter whatever be the situation , speak truth .

This is the main point that I don’t get easily agree;) …bcz in my opinion , lies are fine until and unless it doesn’t hurt any1 , and for the good sake.

So its fine …and I respect  his truth  from deep heart. Apart from this he is good ,caring, smiling,, helping person. And  ya stay in touch always .. its not jst the question and answers which want u, but also the person who are asking those things, wants u.  and last I wanna say  ..this is what I can a person ..:)

u cant count  the qualities of any1 …if u really wish to see them.