Happy birthday - dear karan

Sourav Banerjee MA,MSW (Shabda Bramha) (8842 Points)

06 March 2013  




This place called CCI has showered me with many gifts - some tangible, some intangible. But I introspect - are they really intangible after all? I mean, the bondage of the relationships - the sweet memory of all the sisters and brothers who form my CCI family alongwith my friends and seniors here - can be felt, -- I feel them, I can touch them - with my heart.


Yes, for my inability to communicate with all of them, especially my sisters and my brothers, at regular intervals have made them angry - annoyed them to a great extent and I feel sad for my part in it; yet they do not know how regularly I feel their presence in my mind, remember them with, talk about them with my acquaintances... Deep down my heart I have a conviction that they will pardon their elder brother…


Karan is one of the first ones who has pardoned me, by the way. smiley And I find that this auspicious day – the 6th of March – is the right day to thank him for this. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is Karan’s BIRTHDAY. So, let us celebrate and wish him all the happiness in the World.


Some of Karan's present contributions to CCI :

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Once he clears his Final hurdle, I'm confident that we will get to see much more of him here.


On this memorable day, I wish him all the success in his ensuing examination and I pray to the Almighty that each coming Birthday of his may be filled with more and more joy, fulfilment and mental peace.


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