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Grp1 or Grp 2 or Both ???


Group 1 or group 2 or both ???

This is the most crucial question which comes into the mind of every CA student.well I guess so … bcz  my frns had such prob with this question . they were asking me like … palak yr what should I do ? should I jst giv first group or second or both ?? my ans was ……

Concisely this is such a kind of question jo ki almost exam dene tak sabke mind me chalta hai.

Well its jst not about my frns it was me also who had the same issue bcz of some .. spl reasons, but apne ko to dil ki sunne ki adat hai ..to sochne ka kaam nahi aata . thankfully isliye I didn’t get confuse with this ans.i simply did what my heart said.

Come to the basic q .

How should  a person really decide what group should b attempted ??


Lets see how the situation goes on for the first time when this question being raised in mind .our group is decided by all this process.



Parents ----this is the category of the person whom we really take advise frm ..our parents , elders ..or who so ever whom we trust blindly. In short …jinki opinion he hamare decision ka half base cover karti hai .E.g .. my bro has given both groups n cleared with gud marks ,..ultimately ..mind opinion becomes ..i should also do like tht. I should follow the steps of my elders.


FRNS----this is the most powerful force to change ur decision directly or indirectly . how ?? lets illustrate …

 indirctly                   I hav decided with both group n my best frn is totally focused on first group . n also preparing very well .its easy to get diverted with the idea .. like I should also giv only 1 grp .

 Directly                    ur frn is giving 1 st group n he /she convinces u it’s a nice idea. N u jst do the same .


Teachers --- our guide who teach us ,..bcz they also know the real capacity of ours.so unki opinion bhi to value karti hai na…

Other ---  mano chahe nan a mano.. IT’S A fact tht every person decision is being depend upon the ca stats..like grp1 wale jyada pass hue ya grp 2 wale


Now what >>>>>>


As per the dia ,…every person opinion is so different. Choose kare to kya kare ?? who  is more  r8 ?? who wil tell this ??

Result ____question remains the same >>>kaun sa grp ??

Isliye almost exam tak ye q waise ka waisa hi atka rehta hai .



Ø Confidence

o   Check out d subject u r most confident about

Ø Capacity

o   Ur own capacity to handle the sub

Ø Time

o   This is the most  imp factor bcz even u knw every sub of both grp bt u don’t hav time 2 prepare both grps then ..ur whole strategy b fail n u couldn’t giv ur best in both . whereby jst bcz of focusing on 1 grp u may pass with gud marks.



 Lets some1 situation is as like >>>>


Assuming tht the person has decided to  giv first group . he wil not go with the other group.but here are also problems like accounts n costing.so he should do like ….

o   give more focus on the most tough subject by taking help frm all elders…

o   make a guideline to tackle it n more focus on more imp subjects.

o   The easiest subject should b the strength of the student by getting exemption into it.

o   Don’t forget to work according to ur plan bcz many plan bt couldn’t b able to wrk acd to tht.

o   Prefer each sub equally bcz u need to pass in every sub.

o   Jst bcz tax n law seems 2 u easy doesn’t mean to ignore their value.




 27 Replies

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 16 December 2010

Very good palak ...!!!

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CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)   (16631 Points)
Replied 16 December 2010

Aur haan jab likhti hai toh mujhe links to bhej diya kar ya CCI ki post se hi mujhe pata chalega !!


surely :D


can some 1 tell me when i made this in wrd i made a 2 dia...bt when i submitted ...then yahan pe to koi dia hi  nai aa raha . aisa kyu

pratik (CA) (1186 Points)
Replied 16 December 2010

Really nice.............

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")   (114102 Points)
Replied 16 December 2010

Very Nice Article with very good presentation......Will be very helpful for all students....Well done Palak

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Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI) (15587 Points)
Replied 16 December 2010

Great Efforts Indeed. Very useful.

Thanks Palak for sharing ur efforts.

Keep Sharing .alll d best

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Bala (Student) (478 Points)
Replied 16 December 2010

I think the decision to take one group or both the groups depends upon a number of factors and may vary from person to person. But I strongly feel that with an average preparation, the confidence level plays a very important role in this decision. If you are confident and cool,

1. You wont tend to fail under pressure

2. You can hold your nerves quite easily and be able to concentrate a lot

3. Your Memory Power would not get affected due to exam tension and fear

4. You cannot be easily distracted by your friends and the environment.

4. You can complete the paper in time

In my own case, i gave my first attempt in pcc in June 2009., I had the same confusion regarding one or both groups. But I was forced by my principal to take both the groups. To be frank, I didnt prepare that much and was not conceptually strong in amalgamation and AS. (the core of Inter A/cs..)., till the time i received my A/cs Qn paper i thought i would fail in the exam without troubling the valuer. But once i saw the paper without any Qn from Amalgamation and AS (left the one in Choice)., I was confident enough to clear the paper and I scored 77.

This increased my confidence level tremendously and the moment i came to home i started preparing for my next paper. With god's grace i cleared my I group and got exemption in costing (which was the most liking sub of me and on which i worked very hard and i passed in this paper in which my peers failed) but failed miserably in InfoTech with 28. (though my agg came 328) Had i taken one group i would not have got exemption.

I failed in infotech bcz i didnt even had the courage to see the qn paper due to my very poor prep. And i am from a financially instable background. I first touched the computer at my XII Std. But i started my  next attempt prep early and since i had literally zero percent Computer  Knowledge, I mugged up the entire infotech part of the paper(though most of them would disagree that it is not a good approach).and cleared the next attempt.(70 in my second attempt)

But if i was not confident enough, i would have not got my exemption and not cleared my Group II in next attempt.

The bottomline is if you are confindent enough you may take both the groups, If cleared it would be a history or if not cleared it would teach a good lesson.

Friends Pls., dont mistake me for stating my own issues and marks (im not egoistic or arrogant but an introvert ) and this is the first time im stating my own marks and experience . I thought it would be atleast of liitle help for someone.


Be Confident.Thnx.,




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SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20158 Points)
Replied 17 December 2010

very nice....dear....!!! its realyy helpful @ ! @


bala ur comments r really nice :)

ravi tej (ca final) (392 Points)
Replied 17 December 2010


Vikas Gupta (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT) (16295 Points)
Replied 17 December 2010

Originally posted by : SAN...

Great Efforts Indeed. Very useful.

Thanks Palak for sharing ur efforts.

Keep Sharing .alll d best

Student (CA and CS student) (315 Points)
Replied 17 December 2010

thanks for sharing

Krishna Teja (Chartered Accountant) (1007 Points)
Replied 17 December 2010

The same situation was faced by me as u said in frenz

but i wrote 2 grps in november

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