Form 112 Attestation Issue

umashankar vaishnav (Accounts Dept. Shree Cement - SAP S/4 Hana FICO)   (1069 Points)

01 May 2024  

Hello Members, 

I have Qualified CA in Nov 23 after around 20 years of hard struggle. My articleship was begins from Jan 2008 and ended on Jan 2011.

I have served my Articleship in two parts. 

1. Employer - Jan 08 - Aug 08.

2. Employer - Sep 08 - Jan 11

I had done from June 2006 to June 2008.

In my articleship Clash with only 6 months. i.e. from Jan -08 to Jun -08. 

I had applied form 2 for membership but RO has ask me to submit form 112 with attestation from college principal and present employer. 

In my case present employer disagree to sign the form 112 as according to him he was not my principal when i was done and completed my Mcom in Jun-08. Also, my present employer has taken Membership from ICAI in Sep-08. So, how he can certify the attendance during Mcom Journey. 

I have raised Ticket in ICAI SSP portal and I got reply from an expert that you take sign from your present principal only and as there is no provision of change of name in online form 112. Actually this is ICAI system issue and practically my ex-employer is only eligible to sign attest form 112.

Kindly I request from ICAI to allow me to take sign from my ex-principal in form 112.