For those buddies who hadnt succeeded in this JUNE attempt

Pradeep Mangtani (Student CA FINAL) (823 Points)

06 September 2009  

 Its madness 2 hate all roses coz u got scratched by 1 thorn,2 give up all ur dreams coz 1 didnt came true, 2 loose faith in prayers coz 1 wasnt answer, 2 give up all ur efforts coz 1 of thm failed, 2 condemn all ur frnds coz 1 betrayed u, nt to believe in love coz sum1 was unfaithful. Remember dat another may come up, a new frnd, a new love, a new life.. coz LIFE Rock$$$$... So never give up n always keep smiling. There is a gr8 life ahead..............