Faq's on filling revised returnfiled electr imp!!!

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09 April 2013  


How to file a revised Income Tax Return?

Answer:The process of filing a RevisedReturn is the same as filing an Original Return. The ONLY difference is that in the Excel utility (Return Preparing Software), you need to select the ‘Revised’ return option and provide the Original e-Filing Acknowledgementnumber and Date of filing the Original return. Further, the assessee is required to select the section of return filing as u/s 139(5).

I have filed the Original Income Tax Return as paper return. Can I file the revised return electronically as e-Filed Income Tax Return?

Answer: No

I have e-Filed the Original Income Tax Return. Can I file the revised return in paper-form?


I filed my Original Income Tax Return post due date and I want to revise that Income Tax Return. Can I file a Revised Return?

Answer: You cannot file a Revised return if the Original was filed post due date (Belated).

How many times I can file the revised return?

Answer: Legally, a return can be revised any number of times before the expiry of one year from the end of the Assessment Year OR before the completion of the assessment by the Department; whichever event takes place earlier.

I have filed my e-return by using the utility of wrong Assessment year. Can I correct Assessment Year by revising the return?

Answer. Assessment Year is inbuilt in the utility. Once a utility provided by ITD is used, Assessment Year can not be changed. For each Assessment year, right or wrong, a revised return using the valid utility, subject to legal provisions, can be filed for that Assessment year only.