Family says "Leave CA"

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02 March 2012  

This is my part 2 of exam series ....

Family says “Leave CA ????? ”

 This article relates to those who want to be CA and it is their dream ,desire, Passion. CA is not just a Tag , it’s their world. It’s the main essential part of their life.

The real complication arises when they are facing the failures again and again. They are unable to clear CA exams. They couldn’t find why their contributions are always like a drop in the bucket. And, at the same moment, their family starts giving them hard time. They want their Son/daughter to leave CA ?

 The students find themselves between rock and hard place.They don’t know how to handle such situation. Their gleeful spirit of doing the work is  lost. Sometime they feel themselves  so incongruous to the  their own plan.They feel themselves up the creek how to balance everything . They just want to know how to convince their parents that lightening never strick twice.

Are Parents guilty???

Please be honest and ask yourself the same question. Doesn’t they have any right to think or care or worried about you ?  The answer is obviously yes, They tend to be more worried than you in your exams. I can easily recall my exam days , when I have no time to eat my food. My mom just take care of this fact everytime , that I eat food before exams and and at the right time , have proper sleep. She always  ensure this fact that I don’t take any tension regarding anything during exams.  I am sure you also support my above contention. You also gonna say “Yes, my family  also do the same”  . Am I right ?

Bad exams…..

Now move on to another aspect … I had my bad exams in costing, was totally tensed. As I said, my mom always read expression on my face. She started asking …what happen…how much paper left….how many marks in exams were wrong…..don’t worry, you will pass. Just don’t worry. She was repeating those words and giving me support until the moment she saw me calm and relaxed. And when I was relaxed and I said to my mom “ don’t worry mummy ji…I will pass.  I have corrected 50 marks exams. So will easily get 40 marks atleast”

Then she confessed now I am relieved because you are confident.angel

Now u gonna say again…it also happens with me. My parents also do the same.heart


Fine now my point is cleared. They feel more tense than you. They don’t eat properly . Your  siblings low down their TV volume , just to ensure that u don’t get disturbed. They can’t give your exams ….but they can easily feel the pain in ur eyes. And  remember one thing, It hurts the most when you see your loving one in pain and you can’t do anything about it.  They are helpless ….So their stress is genuinecrying. Now it’s time to cover those things ….

Let them know what are you doing ….. :-

You  are doing CA . And it’s course that has least passing %. They are ignorant about your study. They just see your study modules and just think in their mind “ how my child will do all thisblush ?”

Let them know it’s not  so tough as they thought. It is not beyond your efforts . You need to  just go out of your comfort zone and you can do it.yes

Candid conversation :-

Heart to heart conversations always help.  Just tell your parents about your study plan. How much you have finished. How much you can finish. Tell your problems that I am struck in this ….I am unable to do this chapter. You might lose your track in such situation. But if you tell your parents, they will keep reminding you of this fact. You can see  worry  untill the moment you feel relaxed. And this fact, won’t let you live. You will feel more motivated towards your goal.

Ask their problems :-

Good  conversation doesn’t end on discussing your problems. Ask about them as well. They will let you know more about their life. They will ask your opinion, not in just significant issues but also not so important issues. It builds faith, trust and also the calm environment.

Sleep :-

It’s better  not to use alarm. Say your parents to wake u up, while you sleep in noon time. Well this formula doesn’t work upon me….my family says …you must be tired so thought to let you sleep.  But yeah !!  I use my parent’s method by which I always wake on time without alarm… Thanks to them…

Believe :-

If you do all this things, I am sure they will never inveigh against you. Wanna put again an example :-

Last year when my exams were going, I was playing game on  net. My father asked me “what are you doing ? I said playing miniclip…it’s a nice game.I   have won 2 matches till now. My father smiled and said “ keep enjoying”

You can also have this situation, if you don’t rain check your parents advice and let them know what you wanna be and how u gonna do it.

So finally my conclusion can be :

Apno or apne aap  se ladkar koi jannaat hasil nahi hoti. You can never achieve anything if you keep fighting with your caring and loving ones. Respect this fact from the bottom of heart that they care about you. And it’s your responsibility to bring a smile on their face.Your parent’s don’t wanna let you Leave CA.It’s just they don’t wanna see you losing again.