Dance along with CA....


Dance along with CA….

 Actually I am quite happy today:).And Saturday has again proved me the best day …infect I love this day ..dont know why...And also its Sunday ….so that’s the big reason that After talking about the serious serious type issues now its time to take some chill pill 

Why Notes ??????

Are you studying properly .....????

…if u are a music addict then obviously u cant be untouched by this aspect ….i am not saying you to be a professional dancer …who know jazz, contemporary, western , hip-hop, traditional dance …..

But yeah a certain amount of relaxation is must …and after sleep …I think this is the best remedy. Well I know I will hear many sounds such as …I don’t know dance …are u mad ?? if I did dance in front of people they will run ,… I cant …so simply tell me other remedy ….So baby ...who is saying you to dance in front of others ...its just for you only ...

Thatswhy I will prefer u this also … bcz where music is soothing and relaxing it is the heartbeat of music ..without which it is incomplete.

Now lets see how much u can learn from ur dance ..and combine it with ur skills in CA ….

 Toughness ------

Whenever you just start your first step towards everything are not perfect …and obviously you will not be good at it;) . so you might even lose your interest  for it ..but no ..u will not give it up;( , simply because its your relaxing exercise.Just like this when we study our study material we forget that we are giving our first shot to our study.thats why we tend to make our thinking that it is tough. So chill ur mind .So it will give you enough confidence to give you a big start-up. So put your music on and lets your body sing it along with music.

Seeking the perfection-----

Dance india dance is my favorite show on Tv…as it always inspire me to do best . the all dancers who put their heart and soul into it wants the same perfection. Just like that when we study we might sometimes lose the interest, to prevent these kind of thoughts ,,,,we need to remember ourselves that we are seeking for perfection.


Yeah …that’s also  a true thing ,..for example just take a song of your choice and dance upon its beats …then again take the same song jst after it ends. U will see that 50% of dancing steps are changed:D .now what ….

That’s  the main  thing that we lack while studying…when we read our books and all things which are necessary ..we are so much obsessed to do ..that we forget that  we have lost our creativity:D. The things , the methods that keep ourself organized.


Dance is also something that lets u know …that how much flow is important in dance . Your body and mind should work in synchronized form . for example if we are watching a dancer performing dance whose hands are moving so fast but the whole body is stand still ..we wont enjoy it ..:Pthis is the most important thing to learn …bcz when we tend  to study we forget to take care of ourself …lacking perfect rest,proper meals , right kind of exercise.that is the main reason that why many persons fall ill during exam days….then we used to think ..why I fell ill at this time …


In yesterday’s article ..i was talking about minimum 5 min exxcercise . what could be the best substitute for it ..


Whenever we see a dancer performing his dance..we want it to be smooth and in flow …for example if the music is high and dance is so slow according to it. We wont enjoy it. So just like the same thing …when an examiner gives a tough question he don’t want it to be answered in just a chicky-wicky manner:/.

Just like that we also need to be more perfect in our answers to have a good presentation . So that our answer should be a treat to the eyes of examiner….with a good flow of points and properly synchronized with question.