Excise invoice

Amitabha Mukherjee (Sr. Manager, GST) (253 Points)

08 February 2013  


One question that:-Normal procedure of sale invoice in excise that date/Time of preparation and date/Time of removal should be same. 1) Is there any bindings in excise that despatch of the goods should be done on the same day on which invoice is prepared. Can Date/time of preparation vary with date/time of removal . suppose we prepared the excise invoice on 26.09.12,at 17-00 hrs if we send it on 27.09.12,at 19-00 hrs, in regular basis . is this possible ? What is the procedure,under what rule/cicular/notfn etc. . 2)If any otherwise happens truck get some problem after loading,Loading problem, Strike etc. then it may be two or three days delay. in this case what is the normal procedure. Is there any 24 hours limitatin to despatch the goods. Sir we go through the manual there is no such rule/ procedure we find under Rule 11. We want to get on urgent basis.