Exam Time: After Scanner add some more topics !!!

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114773 Points)

17 December 2010  


Dear CS Students,


Please note and observe this advice carefully….


As we all know that in CS scanner is one of the most vital tool to succeed. So it is advisable to complete your Scanner as early as possible.


After gaining desired confidence about frequently asked questions in exam do not need to sit idle or relaxed. It is very much advisable to add some more topics from ICSI Study Material which is easy and manageable. These additional topics will give you more idea about other topic or chapters and enhance your confidence.


This confidence shall include ----you have prepared something extra and relevant apart from Scanner. As we all know that in the exam hall a small hint about the unknown question is enough to attempt that question. So avoid complete ignorance about any topic. Give a cool reading to as many extra topics as possible.




As time is less so additional topics should be selected carefully. According to me few basic points of selection are:


1. Topic should be relevant for exam

2. Topic should be easy to retain in short time and not complex

3. Topic should be connected to your earlier preparation or topic

4. Topic should be less time consuming as far as preparation is concerned.


Sincerely hope that you find this suggestion useful.


Best Regards

Ankur Garg