Exactly 2 months today....sitting unemployed!

C.A. abhishek (ManagementConsultant@KPMG )   (521 Points)

19 September 2011  

Its EXACTLY 2MONTHS today......it was 9th july wen i got the good news that i became a CA.....was feeling at the top of the world....for a moment i thought that all my problems have come to an end....wil get a good job...will be financially independent....& blah blah. 


I still remember the statement given by Mr. AZIM PREMJI chairman WIPRO...give me 1 lac ca's & i will absorb all of them in my co. This statement motivated me to go for this course as words spoke volume bot the respect & the regards CA PROFESSION has. But to my utter dismay....today there are handful of CA's who have been placed. Majority of them are still jobless. I am one of them. Never thought tat have to see such days wen i will complete my CA.


I am really ashamed to see myselh here after 2 months despite of superior academic record & professional qualifiation sitting jobless.My seniors used to say ki real struggle starts after u complete your CA. I used to think wat crap are they saying...wen u conquer the peak how can that be possible that u still need to struggle. Well today i am really realising what they actually meant to say. Some of my friends who did normal course from delhi university etc. are placed in so good companies & at very handsome packages. 


Dont know where will this all lead to....after all there is a limit to everything...how can one be so determined,confident & motivated that he struggles & sits 2 months at home looking for an earning. even small firms dont have vacancy.u will be astonished to know that they are still hiring IPCC ARTICLES and for CA'S they have no vacancies.Wat a shame!!


Anyways....still keeping a hope that will be placed very sonn would like to wish all those who are desparetely waiting to get themselves placed.May u get a gud job which may give a flying start to your carrer.God bless & take care.