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Exactly 2 months today....sitting unemployed!

C.A. abhishek (ManagementConsultant@KPMG )   (521 Points)

19 September 2011  

Its EXACTLY 2MONTHS today......it was 9th july wen i got the good news that i became a CA.....was feeling at the top of the world....for a moment i thought that all my problems have come to an end....wil get a good job...will be financially independent....& blah blah. 


I still remember the statement given by Mr. AZIM PREMJI chairman WIPRO...give me 1 lac ca's & i will absorb all of them in my co. This statement motivated me to go for this course as words spoke volume bot the respect & the regards CA PROFESSION has. But to my utter dismay....today there are handful of CA's who have been placed. Majority of them are still jobless. I am one of them. Never thought tat have to see such days wen i will complete my CA.


I am really ashamed to see myselh here after 2 months despite of superior academic record & professional qualifiation sitting jobless.My seniors used to say ki real struggle starts after u complete your CA. I used to think wat crap are they saying...wen u conquer the peak how can that be possible that u still need to struggle. Well today i am really realising what they actually meant to say. Some of my friends who did normal course from delhi university etc. are placed in so good companies & at very handsome packages. 


Dont know where will this all lead to....after all there is a limit to everything...how can one be so determined,confident & motivated that he struggles & sits 2 months at home looking for an earning. even small firms dont have vacancy.u will be astonished to know that they are still hiring IPCC ARTICLES and for CA'S they have no vacancies.Wat a shame!!


Anyways....still keeping a hope that will be placed very sonn would like to wish all those who are desparetely waiting to get themselves placed.May u get a gud job which may give a flying start to your carrer.God bless & take care.

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PRINCE KAUSHIK (CA finalist) (354 Points)
Replied 19 September 2011

Don,t loose hope. Better future is waiting for u.

ashish gupta ( student) (1917 Points)
Replied 19 September 2011

Same situation here as well.

Getting so much embarrased wheh people ask 'job lagi kahin'.

You are right more vacancies for semiqualifieds but not willing to hire a fresher chartered accountant.

If companies dont consider the articleship as experience then there is no point to waste those years in actually doing and learning some quality work.

Rajagopalakrishnan R (PARTNER) (1412 Points)
Replied 19 September 2011

I think we are all missing the woods for the trees.

The main problem starts when the CA students think that they can skip articles and enter dummy mode. Last one and half years there were no takers for articleship vacancies in most of the tier 2 or tier 3 towns in India. Which means either they are all articled with firms in tier I cities or hav egone undeground i.e dummy. This no doubt has made a big dent in the quality of the CA professional passing out now. I am not specifically refreeing to anyone who have reaised or responded to this query, but stating the general state of the profession esp in the smaller and medium towns.

There are primarily two reasons why 100% placement did not happen this time like earlier versions

1. the supply exceeded the demand. i.e there were too many chartered accountants and too little requirements. thanks to a whopping pass percentage of 26%

2. I think the demand was not there this time not becos the industry does not want CA's any more but becos they were not prepared for such a huge turnout of CA's this time. They had neither the budget approval nore the requirement analysis whcih could allow them to recruit.

As rightly said even top candidates are cooling their heels this time. So the problem cannot be that of quality alone. Let's hope that our young brothers and sisters who are feeling left out do find their rightful positions in the industry.

BUt there is always an ALTERNATIVE. Practice of course. Although the path is not as rosy as a plum job in Stanchart or Infy or Wipro, in the long run you may even enjoy the freedom it gives u.

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V Chandrasekaran (Chartered Accountant) (256 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

I am also one among JOBLESS Chartered Accountants.


My school friends who did their B COM in decent universities (Not reputed Universities)  are earning more

than 40000 p.m. I am a Chartered Accountant earning Rs. 0/- per month.

CA. Harsh Arora (Chartered Accountant) (377 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Am feeling the same frnds,

i too think that getting the jobs after completing ca is not a matter, but i too feel embrassing, I personally think now that life of a chartered accountant who is sitting in a home for seeking the job is more difficult than a ca final student.

Hopefully we all get good placement in early future!God Bless all!

Anubhav (Student) (584 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

My experience have been different. Dummies are getting jobs and hard working articles are sitting jobless. I always wanted to get into practise so I had this on and off office thing. The thing most people forget that what you learn in office can be learnt even after becoming a CA and within a year you will be just like the others. On jobs, well I never thought that jobs are good enough for me. I have planned a partnership firm with my friends and I suggest you to do same. Today, it might prove hard work but tomorrow it will be all roses. However, its easier said than done. But you can do everything a CA can do in practise isn't it because of articleship. Therefore, for me a person who wants to enter into practise should work harder  during articleship period than a person who wants to go for job. However, I wish you luck my dear friend. Keep trying with open mind and you will get a good job. I am sure there are opportunities available for you, its just that they have not crossed your eyes.

CA.CMA.Prasanna Ganapathy.R (ACA,Grad.CWA) (135 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Don't worry guys....you are all professionasl...Instead concentrate on your technical skills on the subject to get jobs... i too got so much worried but i read for a week then i attended interviews and finally got placed in PWC.... so wish you all to  get into some job are the other immediately....   

CA CMA CS VIRAG SHAH (9773395720) (759 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

SAME FROM MY SIDE.............




WHAT U ALL SAY GUYS ??????????????





srinivass (CA Final) (2466 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Yes one must take care of this ai think ICAI can change this type of problems plz club plz clear fresher ca's problems and keep demand at sky level for ca's

sivaram (Asst Mgr-Taxation) (6918 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Really our Blood Boils but this is a Fact  Mr Abhisek dont loose Heart You will get a good Job 

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Sumit G (Finance Executive) (51 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

all of u r right. Even i have just got placed.

CA CMA CS VIRAG SHAH (9773395720) (759 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

where sumit ????????


mumbai ????????????

Santhosh.C (Audit manager) (48 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Dear brothers,

This is the system we cannot change by overnight.

Please don lose your hope. As there is a saying " every cloud has a silver lining"

I pray that all your problem be solved asap.

We are with you.

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Maheshkumar Sharma (CA) (134 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

I can feel your situation, because I have also gone from the same situation........... But, one thing i have done through my life of CA is to keep myself busy with work...... I have taken classes of commerce students also.. I am suggestig to every such fellow...... to keep the brain fresh...... join any CA firm. ... dont expect much salary..... keep updated..... keep your hopes alive...... dont sit idle.... one day your dream will fulfill....
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