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CA Anoop Gupta (Job) (198 Points)

25 December 2014  
Today, I am going to talk about Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari. You will be wondering now who is Sandeep Maheshwari and why I am writing about him.
Let me answer your second question first. When ever I see, listen or understand something which touches my heart, I try to share the same with my friends and Colleagues. Today in the morning, i came across two 
 video from Sandeep on you tube named "LAST Life-Changing Seminar by Sandeep Maheshwari in Hindi" and "Three Daya that changed my life". They are more than 2 hours video and are worth watching.
Sandeep Maheshwari is a renowned photographer who has created a World Record in professional photography. He is founder of an Online Site ImagesBazaar Which is World's Number 1 Collection of Indian images. 
Sandeep starts his seminar by narrating his experience from one of his seminars of initial days, where he was so nervous that he could not even read from his notes. He tells his audience that earlier he was a shy, dabbu person with no friends. He never used to go anywhere outside his house. He was a College drop out. He learnt from his shortcomings and he says that today, he is so popular as a Speaker because of one reason that he always speaks truth and that too from the bottom of his heart. No rattafication. He says that if such a shy child like him can become a public speaker who speaks in front of thousands of people, then he feels that "Anybody on this Earth can do Whatever he wants to do". He asks his audience to always remember this line whenever we face failures in life and are demotivated. Then Sandeep assures his audience that this day is going to be one of biggest days of life of audience who are watching his Seminar. He says that he will never charge money for such seminars from his audience. He says you all must be wondering that what is my purpose of doing this Seminar. Sandeep says, you will come to know about my purpose by the end of Seminar.
I am trying to tell you about the highlights of both the Videos through this article. Sandeep talks about his first big failure in life. When he was in 10th, his father lost heavily in business. They tried several businesses later but could not succeed. One day, when he was in college, he attended a seminar addressed by a young boy of 21 years who was highly successful in Multi level Marketing business and was earning Rs. 2.50 lacs per month. Sandeep was so impressed that he also got into this business with his friends with big dreams. He failed miserably in this business. Now he learnt another important lesson in Life. "Never try to Copy others. Every human being is talented in one or the other aspect which is unique to him. Listen to your heart and do what you are passionate about". Sandeep tells that he had tried his luck in modelling also earlier but failed. Then he learnt photography. However Sandeep was not getting any work in photography also because there were lot of photographers offering similar Services and expertise. But he had learnt his lessons from his failure in modelling Profession.. He knew that 90% of modelling agencies were not fair in their dealings with models. He started creating awareness among Clients about ad agencies which were unfair in their dealings with new comers in modelling industry and also about good agencies. He spoke truth with Clients telling them clearly that he has just done 15 days Photography Course but he can offer his services at nominal rates but with 100% commitment and Sincerity and thus created a win-win situation. He started doing Portfolios for upcoming models while other agencies used to exploit these new comers by Charging heftily for their Brand Name. He Slowly he started getting some work. Lesson to be learnt is "Always speak truth with Clients and be Fair in Dealings".
Sandeep explains that now he wanted to be popular in photography. So he went to Limca Book of records. They told him that he has to take 100 models and click their 10000 photographs in 12 hours to come in Limca Book of records.They suggested he should hire Event Management Company. He had no money for that. But when you are passionate about your work, you make your way. He spoke to models and agreed to do their Portfolios for Rs. 500/- only though other agencies used to charge nearly Rs. 30,000/-. This way he was able to come in Limca book of Records by clicking more than 10000 photos. His age was 21.
Sandeep also tried his luck by writing a Book on Marketing but failed miserably. He says he may have failed as a writer but this made him read so many books and the knowledge which he got from these books will remain with him till his end and this will help him to be successful in other fields.

Then Sandeep talks about his biggest Success in life "ImagesBazaar",an online portal. He was approached by an agency which wanted scanned photographs of models to save time. The idea clicked and Sandeep created a site by uploading photographs for models. He could have charged heftily from models for creating their Portfolio but he wanted to help struggling models so he started doing it free for them. Today most of the companies buy images from his Company and that is his Companies Business Model. He says his business model may not be liked by any of the Venture Capitalists but he doesn't bother.

He tells once his friend asked him, from where he gets inspiration to do all this. Sandeep says his Grandmother used to tell him a story about an ordinary person who was living happily with his family. With time, he became Selfish , greedy and arrogant. He started fighting with his wife, Children, Parents and friends. He left his family and friends and started living alone. A time came when he was on bed waiting for his last breath alone recalling what he did in his life. There were tears in his eyes and he was crying "I was wrong, i want to correct myself". But life didn't give him a second Chance. Sandeep says i always visualize my dying moments. He says that he knows his last words will be "Mazaa aa Gaya". He says its not important for him that whether World thinks he is Successful or not.. He is successful because he feels that "HE IS SUCCESSFUL" and that is what is of ultimate importance. He says he is satisfied that he listens to his heart and he has lived his whole life with his values and belief system. 
Then comes the Final moment of Seminar when Sandeep tells his audience what he expects from them. He says today you people have come with hope and expectations and you want to grow in life and achieve lot of things. But a day will come when you have wealth which is more than your needs. On that day, my dear friends, if you see any person who is in need of food or any help, please help him out. This is what i expect from all of you and I KNOW THIS IS POSSIBLE. I hope now you will understand my purpose of doing this Seminar for Free.
I could see tears in the eyes of thousands of people in the audience in that video and so were in my.