Did i make a mistake joining this ca course

Rajshree (I QUIT ) (36 Points)

06 December 2011  

Hi all,

Kindly advise me whether i made a mistake in joining the CA COURSE..

I took this course after completing MY B.com... As i was doing well in Accounting by scoring centum n all till B.com..

Cleared CPT... Took articles seriously...

Cleared PCC the 3rd attempt with difficult time in office was not able to manage time with studies..

After completing articles concentrated on CA final 

Even after much of concentration lost in 3rd attempt and now waiting for 4th  attempt result..

Don’t know whether I will clear this time..

And am jobless now. from past two years.... sitting at home

frens of mine who have choosen IT, Engineering are earning lacs after completing the exams..

"were i have become incapable of doing anything.." These words are repeatedly indirected by my frens.. relatives n all..

i choosed this profession with zeal of confidence in the beginning but now i feel " Y THE HELL I CHOOSED THIS COURSE"

This Course ruined my life.. i took every aspect with much of sincerity in the course..,

Sometimes by trauma of surroundings.. Even i feel like committing a suicide.. but controlled the difficult times just for my parents..

Have just spelled some of the adversities.. but not the complete..

Now frens tell me whether it is worth this much for this course..

My frens have settled in life..

i dont now whether i will get a job for my survival f that is the state of my life..