Very simple Exam Advice!!!

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02 May 2011  

Hi All,


For May 2011 Exams here an attempt has been made to share or contribute something from my side in the form of my first article. Hence you are humbly requested to have a look at the few points mentioned below:


1.       First of all be very positive in your approach because positivity is the only way out to handle exams well with good, reasonable or bad preparation. You have no other choice.\


2.        Read the exam paper well with calm mind and recall the things. For practice you can use previous exam papers. In short a small home work or practice is required to save time.


3.       Quickly decide the priority of questions for initial attempt for a good start. This selection should be based on your quick re-calling power.


4.       Try and attempt 100% paper. So work on your speed and re-calling power accordingly. Again I would suggest you to do a little homework before exam and prepare the strategy.


5.       Understanding of exam pattern and strategy to handle the same is must. Simply follow the books and prepare everything is not a guarantee of success. So put some extra efforts apart from shacking or playing with your books.


6.       Always remember a bit low performance in one exam should not affect your preparation, your attitude, your confidence, your strategy, your revision schedule for the next exam. You know avoidance of this advice will be very costly and harmful and give you unnecessary exam stress....


Follow the thinking of “Just move with the flow”...


7.       Always follow the suggestions of your teachers and senior’s at-least for preparing exam strategy.


8.       Devote some time for preparing a Good Revision strategy because a good revision is very important for enhanced re-calling power.


9.       Try and discuss tuff and complex topics within your friend circle to resolve your queries at once at initial level. This one is also important to avoid unnecessary delay in finalising your chapter and connected topics.


10.   Along with exam preparation it is equally important to share some time with your family to simply re-charge yourself for the battle called exam.


In the end one more simply suggestion have faith in your capabilities and never forget or hesitate to explore your inner strength.


Would request you to share your opinions, if any.


Best Regards

Richank Garg