How to manage professional studies while working !

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24 August 2011  

Over a period of time I have observed that continuing professional studies along with job is a very tuff job. In my life I have face the same situation and managed the same pretty well. Hence I thought let me take this chance to share my experience with you all.


As per my personal opinion it is not impossible to manage your job and studies both at a time provided your time management complements your time schedule of job.

I would advise you to just focus on what you want to achieve keeping in view the time you have in your hand after your job. Just imagine you have near about 4-5 hour in your hand after your office time. According to me by applying some method or time management and determination you can easily manage around 3 hours time for your study.


Trust me it is difficult but not impossible. I worked full time while getting my Law qualification so I know how difficult it can be. I used to study during lunch sessions and during travelling. I would also advise you to plan your weekends well in advance from your study point of view.


I can think of few tips from my personal experience which are given below:




For students who are working along with study the point below becomes very important. I would advise you to get up earlier in the morning and utilize your morning time for study. I know some of the students prefer late night study. But for working students the same is not advisable because of evening office tiredness.


Just trust me even just waking up an hour earlier could make a difference to your studies. So make a mind set to wake up early in the morning. This could help to get you started. I'm sure that it would be difficult in the beginning, but after a few weeks, you'll settle into the new routine.



I would also advise you to make full use of day time for your studies. You may use your lunch time for studying or discussing general topics. Always have your materials readily available so that you can study at any given time.


One more important thing regarding above 2 headings is always use the morning time for preparation of important topics and chapters. You may finish general topics in day time by discussing them with your friends or colleagues doing the same course.




Yes as we all know managing studies with job is a very tuff task unless you have a well organized time table to manage both. So in this manner again time plays an important role. The importance of time can also be realized from the above two headings.


However if you are engaged in part time job yes you can have reasonable time to study. On the other hand if you are engaged in full time job you have to plan your studies out for effective utilization of your limited time.




It is not easy for everyone to concentrate on study while travelling. However your travel time which is lengthy can be very handy if you can utilize it for your study. It is all about mind set once again. Select simple and interesting topics to study during your commute time. Again for this a proper schedule and planning is required.



1. For some time you have to plan your leisure activities or in other words all you need to prioritize your activities. You may postpone few activities till your exam gets over.

2. You may study on a neutral place instead of your home. Getting out of home helps many people. Since being at home can often be distracting as you want to take care of things that can wait.

3. You may also utilize your working time towards your studies. While on work you can discuss topics with your colleagues who are doing the same course. In other words working as a group also helps.




I know for some student study with job is a very difficult situation. However there is another aspect of the coin which needs to be discussed. There are certain benefits which are attached with study along with your job. Some of them are:


1.           You will understand the value of time because without understanding the value of time you can’t manage your studies with job.

2.           You will learn how to effectively utilize limited to achieve higher goals

3.           Your vision and view will be broaden because you develop the ability to achieve more in short period of time.

4.           You will develop the ability of multi tasking which is very imp in today’s time.

5.           You will learn how to utilize your work experience in your studies.




Let me sum up the discussion by mentioning some of the pre-conditions for successful study with job. These pre-conditions are:


1.           Effective utilization of time.

2.           Pre-planned schedule for the day; like what to study and when to study.

3.           You must plan your vacations and holidays well in advance from study point of view.

4.           Stick to the basics of study because you don’t get time for experiment with your study. To find out basics of study kindly refer the link given below:




In the end I would say it is all about being dedicated and finding a balance. Many would say it requires "sacrifice" but to be honest I don’t think so. If you want something bad enough, then you shouldn't think of things you're giving up as a sacrifice. You're simply prioritizing according to your short and long term goals. I've seen many inspirational examples of dedication and prioritization.


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