Basics of Study Professional Course !!!

RG - A Helping Hand (Company Secretary) (13867 Points)

22 July 2011  



I would strongly suggest you all to stick to the basics of study to avoid further failure and ensure success. For me some basics of study are as follows:


1.     Timely completion of course material—Very first basic thing is to finish your course to have better idea of course structure. This will also help you to prepare a good revision schedule along with study plan.


2.     Timely revision-- Another basic study point is to give ample emphasis to a good revision plan. There is nothing is this world which can substitute a good revision plan. To succeed revision is must.


3.     Ample amount of practice of Numerical [account and cost] questions-- One major reason of student failure is bad performance in practical questions. So ample amount of practice of Numerical [account and cost] questions is must along with perfect conceptual clarity.


4.     Right amount of theory preparation in practical subjects—Most of the students don’t give due value to the theory in the practical subject. So right amount of theory preparation in practical subjects is equally important. The best way to solve this issue is to prepare notes of frequently asked theory questions from Scanner.


5.     Selection of right booksAnother basic point for good preparation is the selection of right reference books. So take help from your seniors in choosing right books.


6.     Good presentation of theory— Lack of good presentation especially in theory paper is one of the major drawbacks for most of the students. In theory subjects good presentation of theory is must along with mentioning case laws and sections etc. So I’d request you all to take note of the same.