CA is not a pressure cooker!

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09 September 2011  

Hello Everybody,


Today I wanted to share and touch a burning topic connected with our lives, our studies, our attitude and thinking and our families. Over a period of time I have observed that exam success has become such a stress full and pressure building exercise for students that it would not be wrong to call it a Pressure Cooker. So I just wanted to ask you people -- is CA CS or other professional examinations are really a Pressure Cooker as far as professional success is concerned? If not then why there is so much mental pressure to clear exams, to get rank, to finish study, to get a good job, to earn, which for few unfortunate people leads to suicide and other harsh steps? Life is not to be treated as a Pressure Cooker. It is to be enjoyed by us in a balance way.


Now let us investigate the reason behind this situation. According to me perhaps we have forgotten the real meaning of education. Personally I feel that the motive of any sort of study or professional course is to educate us. If someone is consistently got failed in spite of real hard work than that does not mean that he/she is not educated or has no potential to do something in life or not meant for civil society.


According to me our future is in our hands and lies in our positive thinking. If you look around you will find lot of good and successful people who never thought of doing CS or CA or any such professional course. Here I want to say that if you are doing any professional or any other course all you need to focus on the real education or knowledge or attitude. Your efforts should be honest. For me the meaning of real education is develop wise thoughts within you, respect others, understand the feeling of others and set yourself free from the very harsh objectives.


Here again I’d like to clarify that all material things are equally important in life but they should not be considered as priority. Our first priority in life should be to convert ourselves into a good human being through the real education. I think this is the only way out to set yourselves free from any sort of pressure in life and make your life smoother. I promise later on you’ll be able to achieve and enjoy everything in your life with better satisfaction. 


Monetary satisfaction should not be the criteria to choose professional course


According to me Money should not be the criteria to choose professional course in the beginning. You should not opt for any course based on starting salary or amenities etc. Here all you need is to look and figure out your interest and passion towards your studies. To avoid any sort of pressure during study is to realize your interest and potential to achieve the desired goals.


On the monetary requirement I’d like to say those who are well educated (not necessarily a hi-fi professional but know how to behave well) can make money out of anything. So the moral behind the situation is don’t go behind the bookish knowledge and start your search for real knowledge so that the real knowledge maintain its identity in today’s blind race.


How to come out of this pressure cooker  


The only way out to come out of this pressure cooker is to just have confidence and faith on your efforts. I have seen here in CCI forum that lots of students start feeling depressed and disappointed after their negative results. I just wanted to ask --- what is the point of depressing yourself or building unnecessary pressure? What I understand from the current situation is that the first few days after result are very crucial because they can break you. Here at this point support of someone is a much needed medicine. To visit one of my article in this regard kindly check the link given below:




To conclude I would say just one thing prepare first list including the things you have in your hand provided by God. After that prepare a second list of the things you don’t have. Trust me you’ll always find first list heavier and you should be thankful to God for this. So the message is enjoy life with a balanced approach and with first list items and slowly strive for the items mentioned in second list. But please stay away from unnecessary pressure. If your efforts are honest than very soon you’ll find that all the items mentioned in second list has been transferred to first list.  


Here I think the message is conveyed. So please share your thoughts by posting your comments.